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Sep 12, 2007 01:16 PM

What are good Oktoberfest events in the city?

I know it's a week or two early but what are some good oktoberfest events to go to this year ?

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  1. The owner of Zum Schneider goes a little crazy for Oktoberfest. No real specials, but they have an oompah band and party.

    1. Ulysses in the financial district does a huge does the Astoria Beergarden!

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      1. re: christinaemcc

        What goes on at Ulysses? Thought Oktoberfest would be limited to the German bars and restos.

        1. re: JungMann

          it's pretty much exactly like their thurs/fri happy hour - outdoor drinking scene. tons of tables and beer specials..... except it all takes place on sat, sept 29th during the day. with specials & stuff. probably a polka band etc

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            I remember every October Ulysses will have Oyster Festival and you pay a fix price for all you can eat oysters. I think it includes unlimited beer as well!

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        1. JungMann, you always pick the same spots I like! Do I know you?!?!?

          I agree on the Zum Schneider tip - it gets pretty raucous in there, what with an oompah band and all!

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          1. re: scarlet starlet

            Given your locale, you very well might. Or you might just have good taste! :)

          2. ..although a bohemian bar and not German style, the beer hall in Astoria "a.k.a. The Beer Garden" has a pretty incredible Oktoberfest. Nice outside space with beer, music, food (sausages, pirogies and the like) and a with a good crowd of locals and regular riff-raff.