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Sep 12, 2007 01:16 PM

Cooking Light 20th Anniversary Issue

Finally got around to reading my latest Cooking Light. Got to admit, I rarely make recipes from this mag anymore and had been considering cancelling my subscription. Loved this issue. In it, their favorite CL recipes from the past 20 years were posted. I think it would be fun too cook my way through them over the next couple of months. Starting with the fudgy mocha toffee brownies to satsfy my sweet tooth. I'll post on recipe successes from this issue.

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  1. I agree with you. CL hasn't been on my list of favorites for years, but this is a really good issue. We made the beef doube provencal on page 120 for supper tonight and it was great. The only change that I made was to add for beef broth. There just wasn't enought braising liquids. We are having the risotto with porcini and marscapone later in the week.

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      The beef daube provencal is my absolute favorite recipe, ever, from Cooking Light. I double the recipe, add the rest of the bottle of red wine, and throw in a lb of mushrooms, and extra carrots. It's even better the next day, and freezes well, too. I serve it with garlic mashed potatoes instead of noodles.

    2. I made the Hawaiian cake and it was lovely. Kicked the life out of the in-law's monkey bread.

      1. I made the cornflake crusted fish with chile cilantro aioli. I used fresh haddock (caught that day while deep sea fishing). It was one of the best things I've ever made - possibly one of the best things I've ever tasted. Of course, I used full fat mayo for the aioli, but otherwise stayed true to the recipe.

        Also from that issue, I tried the falafel (good) and the feta, bean, and tomato salad (very good). I'd make both again.

        The pork roast with leeks and the chicken pot pie look good too...will have to try them soon.

        In general, I really like Cooking Light and have made several recipes with great success. My only gripe is that the recipes tend to be kind of involved.

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          That's my pet peeve, too. Often, what makes it so complicated is that they use crazy ingredients like light butter, or like, 2 tbsp each of fatfree cream cheese, fatfree ricotta and Neufchatel - I'm not buying three kinds of cheese for one recipe, especially if I'm using so little.

        2. I made the crab cakes as a dinner entree last night. As usual they tended to fall apart so I stopped messing with them and just stuck them in the oven. They had a really nice flavor and much healthier than the other ones I've been making. I didn't make the aioli and didn't miss it. Planning to try the beef daube as soon as it gets cool enough for lengthy indoor cooking.

          1. I made the brownies last night. I don't know how this recipe found its way to 'Cooking Light' They were some of the fudgiest, richest brownies I ever made, DELICIOUS!!! I added the roasted salted pecans from TJ's tho b/c I can't eat a brownie w/o nuts. :)