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Sep 12, 2007 12:54 PM

Pre-prepared foods - taboo?

I just discovered a Trader Joe's pre-prepared food that i am in love with (someone gave me a pack.) It's their Tuna in Thai Green Curry and it comes in one of those thick silver-plastic bag things, the kind that you can ship salmon across the country in. you open the package and nuke it for 2 minutes. The flavors were incredible for pre-prepared food - fairly spicy, subtle, sweet, with specks of peppers, and chunks of tuna. it's only 100 calories or so, so best over some rice or something if you want to make a real lunch out of it. however, at 5 carbs a serving, it makes a great low-carb lunch. i added a couple of hard boiled eggs to it, to give it greater density and protein, and it was absolutely delicious! i can see it being good over some steamed broccoli or cauliflower also . . . anyone else tried it? or have other pre-prepped foods you're not ashamed to admit to eating?

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  1. I'm definately into making food from scratch (sausage, stocks, bread), but my one weakness is marinated artichoke hearts-if I didn't have these, I'd never use artichokes in anything

    1. I'm a huge fan of Thai cookery and generally insist on even making my curry pastes from scratch, but up here in Canada, President's Choice has a frozen red curry chicken dinner that is out of this world and better than any restaurant in Toronto. When I want a quick Thai meal without expending the effort, I'm happy to settle for this. They also make spectacular frozen Indian food which I find rivals restaurants and I'm happy to eat; I used to make homemade Indian food, but found it too time consuming, and it's nice to have a cheap option that's there at my convenience.

      Otherwise, I'm generally pretty strict about making things from scratch as much as possible, including pasta. I like the entire experience of all stages of cooking very much.