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Sep 12, 2007 12:52 PM

suggestions for location for dinner program in DETROIT burbs?

hi there! i'm going to be hosting a business dinner in the suburban detroit area and need some suggestions.

i was thinking a NE burb, such as Birmingham or Farmington Hills...but that is flexible.

i am looking to get potential clients out for an informational session and am looking for a good draw of a place (without being over the top crazy expensive). is there a new restaurant in the area causing a lot of buzz that people would want to try out? i will need some type of private area, probably hosting 10 people or so, otherwise no other restrictions.

i'm from chicago, so any suggestions would be helpful! thanks.

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  1. I can't say how the food is but this place looks interesting

    This would be in the Farmington Hills area

    1. I cannot recommend Big Rock Chop House in Birmingham enough. Very stylish and business lunch-y. Excellent accommodating service. Wonderful food. Not too highly priced, especially at lunch. Check out their website:

      I think this place would really do the trick for you, although it's not a new restaurant, per se.

      1. I just made a call for you to Diamond Jim Brady's Bistro in Novi. *Trust me*, the food will be worth it. Mary's food is wonderful, and their lunch prices are very reasonable, considering the quality of the fare and the preparation that goes into it, as well as the service level. They do lunch groups like this all the time, according to Candy, the woman I spoke to on the phone. I have been consistently, wonderfully surprised by this place every time I've gone there. Never been disappointed, even once.

        If you're going to have a group like this for lunch and you want a secluded area of the restaurant, call ahead and make a reservation. Their number is 248-380-8460, and their website is It is a *wonderful* place, and it sounds better for your purposes than anything mentioned in this thread so far, as well as being the best recommendation I can think of.

        Oh, and by the way: the specials are wonderful. Just so you know. :)

        1. never heard of the seagrille

          i have been to the big rock several times and have never been impressed. it is a beautiful room, being a converted train station but i have always found the food to be exceptionally mediocre and fairly overpriced.

          i like diamond jim's, too.

          i'll also chip in another name: steve & rocky's across the parking lot from diamond jim's. i have never had a bad meal there.

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            "i like diamond jim's, too.

            i'll also chip in another name: steve & rocky's across the parking lot from diamond jim's. i have never had a bad meal there."

            You know, I was *going* to go to Steve & Rocky's a couple weeks ago, but their matinee menu wasn't available on the day I went, which annoyed me, so I went over to Diamond Jim Brady's, and was I glad I did! Every time I go there, I wonder why I haven't gone back sooner. It's just quality, through and through.

            I'll try Steve & Rocky's another time.

            About Big Rock, there's just something about that place that turns me off. I guess that I just think it's too pretentious for what it is. Their steakhouse prices are, in this man's opinion, stratospheric, and while their lunch prices are more reasonable, the fare is certainly forgetable on its face. I mean, really: shepherd's pie at $10? Whitefish at $14?

            I'll take that same amount of money and be *far* happier at DJB's, thank you, and they'll *include* house-made bread and a side salad, with their wonderful citrus vinaigrette.

            Oh, I'll stop now. Just go to DJB's.

          2. A former company had its Christmas party at Sweet Lorraine's in Southfield in a private room. The food was OK (more becaue the menu choices were limited than any real kitchen deficiencies--I was a vegetarian at the time and didn't like the veg choice, but I have always had good food there) but the room would be good for preseantation-type meetings and the setting is nice.