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Sep 12, 2007 12:51 PM

Mushroom Hunting

Are there any mushroom hunters in New England ? I would like to start this as a hobby and am wondering how New England (specifically Vermont) are for this. What would be better than coming home with a few ponds of Morels ??

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  1. There are some decent spots, in and around the essex, essex Jct. area. It's a great hobby, and there is nothing better than morels you find youraelf!(cheaper too) I've been doing it for a few years, but as any forager will tell you, they'll never tell you where to go. It's more fun to just go out on your own and find a place for yourself. I got a few pounds of Morels, some limited chantrelles and some other nice ones this year, Hen of the woods, stuff like that. Unfortunately it's rather late in the season to get any sort of substantial crop. Better luck next year!

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      After yesterday's rain the pickin's great. Don't pick on your own, take a course, find someone to take you, even pay them. There are too many look a likes. The poisonous Jack in the Pulpit looks like chanterelles. I grew up picking with my grandfather, uncles and dad. And I pick only what I know. I go out after a rain, often before dawn, to beat the slugs, and usually put up about 50 qts each autumn. Morel's are spring mushrooms and be careful of false morels which are poisonous unless dried or boiled for 10 min. and the water discarded.
      Don't pick any that grow in cow manure; the colors are great... before you die.

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        Thanks for the info. It is certainly something I will research heavily before diving in. I am only about 10 minutes from Essex so hopefully this area has some shrooms left after vino fills a few bushel baskets !

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          fwiw, there's a mycological club in boston. they run occasional classes on local mushroom identification that run about 15$ apiece for non-members.

    2. If in Maine, give Rick Tibbetss a call. He is mushroom expert and field guide extraordinaire. Here's a little story about him w phone number:

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        I haven't been on a mushroom forage yet. There was a group scheduled in early Sept in Newfane with guide (which is what I prefer because I need some education on what to eat/not eat), but it was canceled due to lack of rain. This was before we had 3 days in a row of rain, so maybe it will be rescheduled soon.