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Sep 12, 2007 12:46 PM

Prune Restaurant

Has anyone been recently? I'm looking to make a meal of their marrow bones, warm monkfish liver and whole shrimp with heads on in anchovy butter and i don't see it on the menu on the Prune website.

Am hoping maybe it's just not there for another reason but it's still being served?

Thanks in advance

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. A month later and I'm wondering the same thing.

      Please, does anyone know?


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      1. re: ather

        I don't know if their menu is seasonal or not, but it might be worth calling to see if they have them - especially now that fall is actually here.

        1. re: ather

          I was there last night and our table had both the marrow bones (listed on the menu) and monkfish liver (the appetizer special)...don't recall seeing the shrimp on the menu but that might just be my faulty memory. Everything was *awesome.*
          i.e. Run, don't walk...!! :)

        2. We were there for dinner last month. I don't remember seeing those in the menu. I believe that their website menu is updated.

          1. We were there last week and while I don't recall seeing any of those dishes, everything we had was wonderful. I'm still thinking about the braised escarole with beans and salt cod. And that side of artichokes, potatoes and green beans with boiled lemon and that brown butter vinaigrette. I wanted to swim in it!

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              Thanks for all the replies! I'll definitely be going there soon.

            2. This is going way back, but what about the pasta kerchief dish they used to serve? I believe it was even written up in the NYT, so perhaps it is something of a signature dish? I don't remember every ingredient, but I do remember a soft boiled egg, ham, pine nuts, perhaps some spinach? It was incredible. Still on the menu?

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              1. re: etowernyc

                The pasta kerchief is still on the menu.