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Sep 12, 2007 12:24 PM

best raw bar for oysters in Boston's Waterfront district?

Any place in particular? I know the Union Oyster house is noted as a good place but are there any other establishments that share the honor for great oysters?



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  1. Union Oyster is only good at the bar. They have plates of oysters & cherry's pre-shucked and stacked up on the side for the waiters to grab - so if you get some at the table, who knows how long they've been dead. Nothing else is good there - just don't bother.

    For a good selection of oysters from around the US, Neptune is hard to beat. They're in the North End - but that's waterfront, eh? Stay on for a most incredible seafood dinner - including one of the better lobster rolls in the area.

    My favorite place is actually in the Quincy Market food court - The Walrus and the Carpenter. They don't have oysters from all over - their selection is generally limited to the locals - Wellfleets, Pemaquids. But they are always cold and fresh - and my own experience with the ratio of good to bad (mainly with the cherry's) is very, very high - higher than Neptune. The atmosphere isn't the most romantic, that's true, but the romance can come afterwards!

      1. Neptune Oyster in the north end is a very short walk from Fanuel Hall area. Easily the best and freshest selection. Small place run by a great team. Go for the food and small scale atmoshphere--it is a casual place.

        I agree that Union Osterhouse is only good at the bar.