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Sep 12, 2007 12:24 PM

Korean food any in Fairfield or Westchester County?

I have had Korean a few times and loved it but don't know of any? Any suggestions and what to eat? I will go to the Bronx or Queens, thanks.

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  1. Egane on Bedford Street in Stamford is one. Pretty good barbecue, stews, etc.

    There are more in White Plains and Yonkers that I can't recall, hopefullly someone will post.

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      Kang Suh in Yonkers (a branch of another one in Manhattan K-town)
      Kalbi House in White Plains

      both are on central park ave. Kang Suh is better overall and more large/full-scale with great BBQ, but Kalbi House has good flavors too and is more home-style.

    2. If you're willing to make the trek into Queens, by all means, go to San Soo Kap San, 38-13 Union Street, Flushing, NY 11354. They're open 24 hours--for the hungry cabbies I suspect--but the place is always hopping! Order the bulgooki and spiced pork for the charcoal barbecue (I like the taste of charcoal barbecue more than gas, and prefer the pork to the bulgooki, but to have both is to be very very happy) - you assemble the cooked meat in crisp lettuce wraps along with generous slices of garlic and chilies and pickled daikon; also to order: some bi bim bap, some cold cellophane noodles; and my personal favorite--you have to try it--rice cake soup. There's not a whole lot to the soup, but the soft but firm texture of the rice cakes is heaven. I've just made myself hungry.
      Warning: Before ANY of your food shows up, your table will be littered with small dishes of whatever's fresh: I've had kimchee, a whole grilled fish one time, plenty of pickled vegetables, an amazing cold squid in barbecue sauce... Trust me, just eat whatever's served - it'll be good.
      Love the hearty barley tea that is served with dinner. Reminds me of genmaicha, but heartier and nuttier.
      Finally, another advisement: bring at least 4 big eaters-preferable 5- in order to make it through all the freebies and still have enough room over to sample all the stuff I mentioned.
      If driving/parking weren't such a hassle, I'd be there every other night.
      I'm envious of those who get to experience this place for the first time. My first visit was heaven. If anyone tries it out, let me know what you think!

      1. KANG SUH

        2375 Central Ave. Yonkers
        A few friends and I ate there for our very first Korean BBq experience and we enjoyed it very much. Almost all other patrons were asian so I assume its the real deal.