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Sep 12, 2007 12:11 PM

whats the best way to cook mahi mahi?


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  1. Most really fresh fish (and I hope that's what you have LOL) is best cooked as simple as possible. I love to marinate my mahi mahi in some sake (mixed with a splash of ponzu and a titch of sugar) and then pat dry and grill quickly. Make a mango salsa or a pineapple salsa or a tomatillo salsa to go with it, and you are set.

    1. that sounds good and easy. so much more appetizing than the suggestion I got about poaching the fillets.

      1. I like to grill mahi with just some olive oil, and salt and pepper, or saute it with some butter and salt an pepper.

        Next to Walleye, Mahi is my favorite fish

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          On the out side grill or inside in a cast iron skillet. Most fish need nothing more than, olive oil, and salt and pepper. You can make a pan sauce but I don't like to marinate fish prior to cooking.

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            I agree, I want to taste the fish, so I season very lightly, and maybe have a few wedges of lemon to squeeze on while eating.

        2. Mahi is also nice baked. Because it is so flaky, it can be difficult to keep a perfect shape while grilling or sauteeing. If you're making for company, bake it in a high oven just until flaky and you'll have a lovely presentation. It loves almost any sauce. Coconut curry is nice, as is any fruit salsa, or a simple lemon/wine/caper sauce.

          1. thanks all I think I like the sound of the curry I'll try that one !! and bakeing is a no brainer