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Delish Brand bajan Hot Sauce

Anyone found a place in the GTA that sells Delsish brand hot sauce from Barbados?

Specifically the one with the cucumber in it. My friends and I all love it, and would like to avoid having our friends always bringing back a case at a time


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  1. Maybe give Taste the 4th Sense a call? They're on the Danforth around Pape/Chester, and all they carry is hot sauces.

    Taste The 4th Sense
    375 Danforth Avenue
    Toronto, Ontario
    M4K 1P1

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    1. re: Tara9000

      Thanks for the post.

      great Store but they dont carry it. Never heard off it in fact.

      Anyone else?

      1. re: superizzy

        I Googled the heck out of this, but it seems to be one hard-to-find product. There have been a few previous posts on CH with people looking for it, but they had no replies.

        What about an alternative? Lottie's Traditional Barbados Hot Sauce seems to be more widely available, and maybe it's similar?

        That's all for me. :)

        1. re: Tara9000

          Hey dont get me wrong I appreciate the suggestion, and maybe this Lotte makes a fabulous sauce, but I am still looking for DELISH brand with cucumber.

          There are lots of great Carribean hot sauces available in Toronto, but I want my DELiSH

    2. Not terribly helpful at this time of year, but next summer try Barbados on the Water down at Harbourfront. There's usually a decent range of Bajan products available.

      1. Not sure about the brand but I think Cajun Corner on Queen near Leslie carries a Bajan hot sauce. I know they carry some Trinidadian stuff and a whole bunch of Louisiana varieties.

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          BUMP. Still cant find the Delish in the t-Dot

        2. There's a Barbados Tourism Authority office on Adelaide (near Bay). They have a number of sauces and products made in Barbados. You may want to give them a call.

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              Failing that, you could buy it direct from the companys website.

            2. I asked a friend at work about a yellow Bajan sauce (she is from Dominique), but I didn't say Delish or cucumber. Anyway she bought a yellow Bajan sauce at a Metro and is going to bring it to me. I'll let you know what turns up.

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              1. re: jayt90

                You can order it online, they will ship to Canada.


                We stock up on this hot sauce when we're in BIM. Their Bajan green seasoning is wonderful as well, but you only ever seem to see Trinidadian green seasoning in Toronto stores. Which is nice, but not the same...

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                  What turned up from Metro was a Mr. Gouda Bajan sauce (yellow). Made in Costa Rica. It's OK, but not what OP is looking for.

                2. This is hilarious! My friend just mad fun of me yesterday because I have 3 bottles of this stuff in my fridge. Have you seen the 2L bottles they sell down there?
                  My other friend has been hunting for it - he hasn't been able to find it anywhere. He tried all the shops in Kensington as well. Good luck!
                  - Erin