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Sep 12, 2007 12:07 PM

What's the best [fill in the blank] in Rome?

We'll be in Rome in mid-November for about a week. While I have spent countless hours researching and will continue to do so, I would be foolish not to take advantage of this board and the collective genius residing therein. Remarkably, for a couple that loves to travel and, indeed, met in Tibet, we're embarrassed to admit that somehow neither of us has ever made it to Rome before.

But I've posted too many times on Chowhound and elsewhere asking for the best [whatever I thought I wanted at the time] to do it again. Besides, that limits you to filling in MY blank. I want to get outside the box here. So, I'm asking for your recommendations. What is the best [YOU choose the category] in Rome? There is only one limitation: we'd prefer Roman (or at least Italian) food. I don't want recommendations for the best sushi or the best German food in Rome. I want the best of its category so long as the category is Roman. So it can be the best food in town, or the most romantic place, the best service, or the most expensive (or the cheapest). Let your imagination be your limit. What truly unique, extraordinary, unexpected, or special place would you send us to?

Our last night in Rome will be Thanksgiving evening. I'm tempted (but not committed) to doing your suggestion on that last night. So tell me: what's the best [fill in the blank] in Rome?

Many thanks.

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  1. Sorry--it's a nice idea, but it's really too much work. In any case, I don't think it would occur to anybody to tell you the best Japanese or German food in Rome unless you specifically asked for it. Rome isn't that kind of city. Most of what is really good in Rome is Roman or at least has strong Roman roots. I think if you read recent threads on Rome you'll find what people here think are best in category. You do the work, then we (or at least I) will express opinions.

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      I've spent the last several days reading various threads relating to Rome. At length and carefully. I've taken notes and I've printed things off to take with us. But I don't agree that if I read them I'll "find what people here think are best in category." I will find extensive lists and lots of opinions about what's good (and what's not) and why. But I haven't found many posts saying that X is the best restaurant Rome. Or the best restaurant for something else (with the likely exception of gelato).

      I'm honestly not sure I understand how it's too much work to pick one restaurant that you think is the best of its kind in a category and mention it. You're welcome to ignore the request if it's that much work--and I'm sorry to have offended. I honestly thought that the request was reasonable, and I still do.

      1. re: Gypsy Boy

        Good heavens, of course you haven't offended. Your request is reasonable, but risks not getting an answer since you are asking responders to write the questions for you. Also, the Roman food scene doesn't really lend itself to superlatives. I'll tell you your categories. You want the best:
        - coffee
        - traditional cucina romana
        - gelato
        - cucina creativa
        - pizza
        - pizza bianca/pizza al taglio
        - Roman Jewish
        - seafood
        - enoteca/wine bar

        There have been many views expressed in recent threads on the best in all those categories, plus most romantic and other nongastronomic criteria. I don't agree with all the answers, but this is a place for opinion.

        1. re: Gypsy Boy

          I don't really understand what you expect that we haven't already done for you collectively. By reading all the Roman threads, you can look for concensus or, at least, trends. Which restaurant gets mentioned repeatedly? Which dish at which restaurant earns repeated kudos? Strikes me that collective wisdom is going to be the closest we can come to determining the best.

          Over time, I -- along with many others -- have posted about a restaurant or dish that I've enjoyed. I have no idea whether or not the restaurant or dish I've touted is the best in Rome. I haven't made an exhaustive study of, for example, veal dishes in Rome. I've visited Rome three times for a total of approximately four weeks, but I've never made my dining choices with the explicit goal of figuring our the best in a category.

          That said, I think there has been clear concensus about the "best of" in both the coffee and Jewish Roman categories from reading past posts.

          1. re: Indy 67

            BEST eggplant parmiagiano...Ristorante Fiammetta, NE between Navona & the Tiber, around the corner from the Genio Hotel. This one flys under the tourista radar & is fabulous! Also, best pizza for me, served lunch & dinner. Everything comes out of a wood-fired oven. Buon Appetito.
            BEST cacio e pepe...Ditirambo. If they have their pear/gorgonzola souffle appetizer, get it! One of the most fabulous creations & I've never seen it anywhere else.

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