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Taco Via in KC

Does ayone know if there is still a Taco Via in Kansas City? There might have been several locations. The one we always went to was inside a mall, maybe Metro North or Metcalf. This was like 20 years ago though. There also used to be a taco place in Antioch mall, right off the escalator. Does this sound familiar?

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  1. There's still about 6 or 7 in the yellow pages, and my friend here at work said they still eat at one occasionally. I've always wondered if it was good or not? We've been looking for a replacement for Taco Casa in Topeka since we moved here. Tried In-A-Tub last weekend... okay, but not worth driving 30 min. for.

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      In-A-Tub: Only worth driving 30 minutes if hangover conditions exist.

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        It was soooo long ago, I remember it being good, but it's possible it's completely gross. I remember that they served drinks in those red plastic Pizza Hut type glasses, that in my opinion make all soda taste better, and it was kind of a cross between fast food and not.

        Call me crazy but I love Taco John's. We had one for about 5 minutes here in Wichita. I do love Taco Casa as well. I'm from around the KC area, and I miss all the fast food Mexican. We only have Taco Bell, Taco Bueno, and Taco Shop here.

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          Well, we'll check it out and report back! It can't possibly be more gross that macaroni and cheese powder on tacos! ;-)

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            Oh my god! I thought that's what it was! I failed to mention it in my post because I thought no one would know what the hell I was talking about. I'm not sure what's weirder, that...or the cubes of government cheese that sat on top of the tacos at Perkin's.

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              this board has solved a few food related questions that I never thought I'd get the answers to. Now if I could only find out who supplied my elementary school with it's lunches! I swear we had the best food, I still think about those deep fried burritos and mexican pizzas...

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                I still think about the salad dressing from my elementary school's cafeteria. It was a cross between French (as in Catalina) and vinaigrette. It had an orange-ish hue but the consistency of oil and vinegar. I have found that Johnny's (several KC locations) and Blazer Burger in Gardner have good substitutes for the deep fried burritos. Johnny's are mini burritos, but same great idea.

                BTW my m-i-l loves Via. We usually pick some up every other week when we go to see her. It is totally Americanized, and I would say a good substitute for Taco Casa in T-town...we love it none-the-less. Taco Burgers, ketchup-like sauce and all. The one in Gardner just closed so now we go to the one on 151st. There is also one on Santa Fe and Mur-Len near the Price Chopper.

                There did used to be a TV at Metcalf Mall. We would go there for a sancho and then to Swensen's Ice Cream for a scoop of Swiss Orange Chip.

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                  The closest things I've found were these things called Cruncheros in the frozen case. Speaking of fast food and Americanized, tacos from
                  Burger King. Not kidding. They are like a 1/16th of an inch thick and there is a slice of American cheese tucked inside. So wrong it's right.

      2. Here's some additional info on Taco Via:


        I believe there's one at 95th and Antioch. Haven't tried it yet.

        1. There's a Taco Via at 151st and Ridgeview in Olathe, never been. Its in the same strip mall as Jumpin Catfish. Just West of there is a new Taco John's. And of course, the new Taco Bueno at 135th and Black Bob.

          Nothing compares to In-a-Tub

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            So Right! Nothing compare to In-A-Tub. Taco Via and In-A-Tub are totally different taco experiences. In-A-Tub tacos are not Mexican style tacos. Whether you love them or hate them, In-A-Tub tacos are quite unlike any just about anywhere.
            I have to add, I grew up with them, I am still in the love them once a year crowd. A pocketburger, too.

          2. True Taco Via fans, fret not. There's still a few locations around - I actually had some nachos at the one in Lees Summit today! Check out the locations here:


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              Yeah, we went by the one at 95th and Antioch tonight, but they closed at 9 and it was 8:45, so we felt bad and decided to wait for another night. From what I could see of the menu, it reminded me of Taco Villa's menu in Topeka, another favorite of mine even though Chris hates it!

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                Nothing rocks quite as hard as Taco Villa's queso. With it's mysterious pinkish color. I think the secret is that they put tomato soup in it or something.

            2. Okay, we tried it... I hope it lives up to your memory shopgirl, but it just didn't do it for us. In a way, it kind of reminded me of some of Taco Villa's dishes, but not the ones I get. I go there for the Nacho Platter! Anyway, I had a taco burger and a taco; Chris had a bean burrito and a bean tostada. It was just pretty bland and poor all around, sad to say. And no red Pizza Hut glasses either! Just white, plastic cups with the Taco Via logo on it. :-( Still looking for an Americanized Mexican place to satisfy our Taco Casa cravings if anyone has any other suggestions!

              1. best one is at 95th and Antioch....one of the originals..now gone was near 75th and Metcalf...in the late 1960's..

                1. The one at 95th and Antioch is gone. As is the one that was at 110th and Parallel, northwest of the Speedway. When I was in high school, I worked at the one at 75th and Metcalf. That one is long gone and a KFC is now there. Best Sanchos and Nachos for a fast food joint, IMHO.

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                    Lee's Summit has a Taco Via. Strange atmosphere however. Family that runs it are very polite and hard working however extremely, extremely religious. To the point I find it uncomfortable. Christain music over the speakers. Jesus picutures and Christian sayings on the walls. The ten commandments are printed as the tray liners. Good food if the rest doesn't bother you.

                  2. The one at 95th and Antioch is GONE??? I just drove by there the other day and noticed the sign. I fondly remember Taco Via at Metcalf South! I was such a mall rat in elementary school......unfortunately Metcalf South is pretty much vacant now, I have such great memories of that mall!

                    1. FYI-----The Taco Via located at the SE Corner of 95th & Antooch in Overland Park is alive and well! I ate there this evening and it was awesome! SOOOO much better than Taco Bell. It seems that Taco Bells tacos are only usually half full, and my tacos at Taco Via today were literally overflowing, with probably 3 times the amount of beef!

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                        I guess I'm losing it. I wanted to eat there (95th and Antioch) a couple of months ago and when I went to where I thought it was in the shopping center, there was no sign and the inside was empty. Any chance that the inside has been remodeled? Either that, or I am losing it. But glad that it is still open. Ref the religious TV at Lee's Summit... that was how the TV near the Speedway was. I thought it was neat for the owners to practice when they preached (pun intended). THANKS for the info.

                      2. It is so funny to read this post, I haven't even thought of TV in a zillion years. I had been to the one in Metcalf South some but as I recall there was one much closer to my house ~ on the other side of 95th from Ranchmart in that little strip. I'm 46 now, haven't eaten there in 30 plus years, probably on the way home from Indian Creek Jr High ~ thanks for the memory jog!

                        1. There are a couple of Taco Via locations in Topeka(21st and Fairlawn) too. Pretty much the same as I remember. I used to eat at the 95th St and Olathe location.

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                            Nope, that's Taco Villa, there's only one, and it's not related at all to Taco Via.

                          2. Ate at the Taco Via at 95th and Antioch yesterday. (I looked on the wrong corner on my previous visit.) The food including the sauce was still great but the interior is tired and definitely needs an overhaul. Based on the exterior of some of the nearby stores though it doesn't look promising.