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Sep 12, 2007 11:45 AM

Lake Placid Recommendations

My wife and I are heading to Lake Placid for our 10th Anniv this Sept. and will be staying at The White Face Lodge. We will be there for three nights. I am looking for recommendations for a nice romantic dinner for one of the nights, but also some good casual dinner spots...
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. I don't know much about Lake Placid, but stop in Saratoga on your way for lunch. Check out Circus Cafe or get sandwiches at the Putnam Market, both on Broadway.

    1. Just got back this Mon from LP. Am usually with kids or apres-ski, so I don't know about the fancier places, but we've always had good luck at the Mirror Lake Inn's Cottage. It's basically a pub with above avg. food, popular with locals. We've also had good luck at Nicola's on Main for good Italian. Folks from NYC might find it non-impressive, but for those of us from Upstate and Texas, it's pretty damned good. They also run a good pizza place, Mr. Mike's, where my daughter and I had remarkably good pasta Bolognese. We also enjoyed happy hour at the Hilton's Dancing Bear, and my neighbors say the Sun Brunch is pretty good. Haven't tried it myself, though.

      It's September, so the town is pretty dead.

      1. We do Lake Placid about 6-7 times a yar,mostly in the Winter(we ski).
        For nice romatic we go to the Interlaken Inn behind the Mirror Lake Inn.
        They have an elegant dining room with an award-winning chef in a beautiful intimate dining room.
        They also have a small intimate tavern room that looks out onto their lush garden area.
        For casual Wondertrev's pick of the Cottage,across the street from the Mirror Lake Inn,is a great choice;Right on the lake with fine sandwiches and a real local flavor.
        Adirondack Steak and Seafood,across from the bandstand on Main Street,has award-wiing beers(their Abbey Ale is outstanding!) and great sandwiches as well.
        The Lake Placid brew pub also has about the best burgers in town plus their really popular Ubu Ale.
        Another fine dining experience on par with the Interlaken Inn is LaVeranda across from the Crown Plaza Hotel.
        They have outstanding food as well but in a less intimate dining experience imo.
        You might want to try Wilderness II,a popular eating place on the road out of town towards Wilmington.
        The food is great and a lot of locals eat out there.
        It's a cabin-type place with really good food.
        For entertainment on weekends the Hilton's Dancing Bear(also mentioned by Wondertrev)is the only live entertainment in town on non-special weekends.
        We usually go there for a nightcap and a floor show.
        We've eaten their Sunday brunch and it's pretty good.
        They have a great Thanksgiving Brunch(just in case you are looking to get away for the holiday).
        Our ski gang has been doing that brunch for over 10 years now(we're all empty-nesters) and the gals don't want to cook anymore!

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        1. re: catnip

          Thanks for the responses. I will check out these recommendations and report back!

        2. For casual try the Caribbean Cowboy.. Asian fusion. Chef owner formally from Lake Placid Lodge.
          Where you are staying has a very nice (romantic) dining room, but I think the food is more interesting at the Caribbean Cowboy.
          Rustica, across the street from WFL in the Price Chopper shopping center is good casual Italian... not upscale.

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            Just wanted to thank you all for your suggestions! We had a wonderful weekend in LP! Enjoyed the summer like weather with fall colors!

            We had great meals! Our favorite was the Caribbean Cowboy! We enjoyed an amazing lunch at the cottage! We had out of this world sandwiches at the Saranac Sourdough bakery!

            Thanks again!


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              I'm so glad you liked Saranac Sourdough. We just love their sandwiches...I always order the jerk chicken sandwich....I always want to try something else, but the combination of spicy and sweet is just too much of a temptation. If you go next time, don't forget the Downtown Diner for breakfast. We sometimes hit the Noonmark Diner in Keene on the way home for breakfast.