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Sep 12, 2007 11:43 AM

Exchange Place eats

Just started working at Exchange Place in Jersey City. So far have found nothing but Subway, Au bon Pain and a Deli. Is there nothing else to eat in this area that won't break my wallet?

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  1. Where is Exchange Place? If it's Manhattan this is the wrong board, try the Manhattan board!

    1. My office is moving to harborside in November... definitely going to miss my halal carts!! I have went there for a few meetings and found nothing to eat.. :(

      1. It's not a complete waste-land, but it's not great, either.

        There's Fatburger in one of the Harborside buildings.
        Marker's restaurant in another Harborside building isn't terrible but the service can be. No idea about their to-go.
        Honshu, upstairs from the Flamingo (aka Dirty Birdy) on Greene and Montgomery is decent sushi. No idea about the Flamingo itself. Has a lunch special.
        Milanos on Montgomery (I think) just past Greene away from the water, does really good heros and chicken parm type stuff. The line can be down the block, though, but you can make two meals from one (or share which is what we do)
        95 Greene has both a cafeteria and restaurant.
        Grand Banks- chinese/japanese. Can be a wait for delivery at lunch time but they are pretty quick if you go to pick it up. Has a lunch special.
        Taqueria- never eaten there but VERY well reviewed in the office and elsewhere.
        Wild Fusion- asian and sushi. has a lunch special

        Definitely not the same as any of the NYC carts. Been here two years and I still miss them!

        1. There is also Komegashi on Montgomery for sushi (Komegashi Too is closer to Newport). The Brownstone diner with a bunch of overindulgent pancakes (I've never had them, but my coworkers rave about it). An Indian Place not too far away near the light rail. Also, you might want to take the Path into Hoboken and check out La Isla for amazing Cuban.