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Sep 12, 2007 11:40 AM

The Counter

The Counter which is across Lamar and north from Whole Foods downtown.

I had heard a few mixed reviews, but a buddy of mine wanted to go.

I had the burger which was grilled a nice medium rare and was quite good. The taste of the natural beef was awesome. It was a bit strange to have them offer squirt bottles of ketchup, mayo, and mustard instead of putting it on the bun. My friend truly enjoyed the "triple dipped" fries, but they were a bit thick for me (my preference is thin).

The caesar salad was OK with a very sharp dressing, but something was missing from the dressing; not sure what it was.

My friend had the crab cakes which are griddled rather than deep fried. I had a bite and liked it. He said that two out of the three cakes were good (possibly different batches?).

Prices were a bit high, but expected for either organic, local, or natural products. I would return

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  1. I went there a few weeks ago and got the pimento cheese sandwich. It was good, but proved to me that some things should not be gourmet-ified. I still like my mother-in-law's church picnic-style ones better.

    1. I went with a friend and hand virtually the same thing that you did. Loved the burger patty (don't do wheat), loved the fries, loved the salad. I too thought it was a bit pricey.

      The location is great, it's very clean, the staff was very kind and gracious. I hope more restaurants open that use quality ingredients from local vendors. Austin is ready for San Francisco type menus that give credit to the local purveyor.