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Sep 12, 2007 10:40 AM

Seedling Cafe-Downtown Nashua-RAVE

One place i like to frequent if iam in the area, is the Seedling Cafe, 9 Water St in downtown Nashua. It's kind of in an odd location, but certainly not hard to find, it's right around the corner from Main St.They have really great sandwiches/wraps, home made soups, salads and incredible brownies and cookies for desert! Most if not all of the ingredients they use in the soups and sandwiches are organic, they have a wide selection of vegetarian selections also. Two of the things iam definitely going to try soon there are the desert wraps and the poached apple salad dresing. Sound delicious doesn't it? The cafe probably seats 25-30 people, they have outdoor seating also They have a nice selection of cold drinks including beer, ice tea, fruit drinks, besides hot tea, coffee etc. They also do catering which is how i originally found out about the establishment, someone had ordered a selection of sandwiches from there for an occasion at work. They are open Monday through Saturday 10 am until 3 pm i think, but you could call and check the hours. Check it out, i'll bet you'll like it!

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