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Sep 12, 2007 10:26 AM

Has anyone in the KC area found local apples for sale?

I've written several emails and searched online, and found only two orchards saying they have a limited crop. One is Stephenson's in Waverly, MO, and the other is even further, about an hour and a half's drive one way from KC metro. Since I live in the northwestern part of Johnson county, KS, both of these are a good drive for me, probably will take most of a day. I haven't found a single grocery who's carrying any local crop, but am wondering if anyone knows a retail source in the KC area? At this point, I'd be happy to find a grocery carrying Colorado or Oklahoma apples. Mother Nature and her late freeze!

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  1. I haven't seen any yet at the Price Chopper in Roeland Park or the Hen House in Fairway. Both store participate in the Eat Local, Eat Fresh program and the Hen Houses even have a CSA. I'm thinking they're not here yet, if we're getting any at all.

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        None at Whole Foods this past weekend, and the stocker said they didn't expect any.

    1. Weston's Red Barn Farm has apples from a farm in Lexington, MO. Their phone number is 816-386-5437.

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        There was a story on the news the other night saying that most of the orchards around here don't have anything to pick this season because of the Spring weather and flooding. Just FYI.

      2. I bought some apples at the Overland Park Farmer's Market last Saturday. She said they were from Missouri...Galas. I'm not 100% convinced. It was a little stand almost to the east end of the market.

        I do miss good apples. I hate the oversized monsters found in the grocery stores.

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          Yeah, I have bought apples for years at the Merc in Lawrence starting this time of year. They got many of them from Wildhorse Orchard, but I read online that Wildhorse is going out of business because their entire crop was frozen out. This makes me so sad, because they had some wonderful unusual varieties, heirlooms that are very hard to find, aren't so pretty, but have fantastic complex flavors. Some of them looked like the apples from 16th century Dutch stilllifes. They were such a great harbinger of autumn...

          I will check the farmer's market this weekend, but not knowing the seller, it's sometimes iffy where they're grown.

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            I got 2x 3lb bags of tiny Gala apples from Buck's orchard in Waverly, MO for $5 at the Henhouse on 135 st/Metcalf last Saturday. Many of the bags had brown mushy apples but I was able to pick 2 bags that didn't have apples with brown soft spots. The apples were rather cute, some not bad, but I did have some that were a little on the slightly mealy side. It's been a tough season with that nasty late frost for local orchards.

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              It may have been Waverly that the OP woman said they were from. I had one today and it was still pretty good...smaller and less polished than the typical grocery store version, so well may be legit. Galas aren't my fave, but I'll take what I can get.

        2. A report back: I bought gala and jonathan from the Willis Elliot Orchard in Spickard, MO at the Overland Park farmer's market this morning. They looked pretty good compared to what I saw at the Hen House on 87th and Lackman (but thanks for the mention, Linda!) I believe this is the last day for the OP market, so I don't know who else in the area might carry Willis Elliot apples. They're website:

          Also, a list of orchards, though I didn't find anywhere on it (close enough to make the drive,) who hadn't been wiped out by Mother Nature this spring.

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            Thanks for reporting back...where were they located at the market?

            The OP market runs through the end of October.

            I bought from the same place I did last week. She said they were from St. Joe's (galas), but I realized later she didn't say they were grown in St. Joe's. They are okay, but nothing special.

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              Um, let's see, it was maybe less than halfway down on the right side if you're facing the market with your back to where the musicians play. There was only one woman at this table, and I remember she was smoking a cigarette, if that helps. (I don't see many people smoking at the market, so this was unusual.) She had jonathan, gala, and golden delicious from the orchard in Spickard, and they were $5 for one three pound bag, or $9 for two. Maybe you can find her on that basis? Maybe the sign I saw about it being the last week was for a particular farm truck. It's good to know they'll be there through October.

              I made an apple crisp with hazelnuts and vanilla last night, and it was delicious. The jonathan apples are firm, crisp, and sweet/tart, just right.

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                Thanks, I know exactly who you're talking about. Funny, with the bags, I didn't even think about actually looking at the apples. Did she say they were grown at the Orchard? I talked to one guy with an orchard in Missouri, and he said they were getting their apples delivered this year from another orchard in Idaho, on account of the frost. His galas looked pretty good.

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                  Yeah, she did say they were from the orchard. I don't think they lost their entire apple crop that far north, though they did lose all the peaches. The website says they have a limited selection:

          2. A few farms have limited crops this year, which was a surprise to hear at all. I got mine at the OP market. Tasty, but small. Looking forward to next year. I bought a huge box of the seconds and made Vanilla-Cinnamon Applesauce. Recipe is here: