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Wells for the weekend. Any tips?

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My boyfriend and I are staying at The Grey Gull Inn this weekend and were hoping to explore the Wells/Ogunquit area. I have some ideas of places we'd like to check out, but was hoping for an updated list of suggestions. Our price range tends to be in the moderate to the inexpensive range (so no Arrows recs) but are looking for good quality food. Also, if there are any ice cream shops that might still be open and are worth visiting we'd love to do that. Finally...the marginal way and perkins cove are on our list of activites as well as checking out some of the galleries, but is there something else we should try to take advantage of? He hates traveling so I am trying to get as much out of this trip as possible!! We are traveling from Boston Friday morning and returning Sunday midday. Thanks so much!

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  1. On Friday, on your way up, you might want to detour off to York Harbor, Brown's Ice Cream overlooks the shore and is a great setting in which to enjoy a cone. Indian Pudding would be the flavor to try, you don't find it many places. There is also a little soda-fountain restaurant in downtown York that makes ice cream. The pub at York Harbor Inn has a decent happy hour if you're still in York late afternoon, or as you head up Route 1 to Wells you might try the famous "Flo's Special" hot dog (read more about it on HollyEats).
    Jakes in Moody (just south of Wells) has decent takeout seafood/lobster rolls etc and you can head for the beach to eat it. Congdon's Donuts is great for all kinds of pastries on Saturday morning..........we like to get a pack of their frest hot dog buns and then stop at a seafood shop (or even the Hannaford's supermarket) and get some fresh crabmeat to stuff into the rolls for a picnic sandwich.

    MerrilandFarmCafe is a good place for a delicious but affordable Saturday lunch.

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      There are many places in Well's to eat, reasonably. There is the (http://www.the-steakhouse.com/) Also on Mile Rd which is the road to wells beach There's Billy's Chowder House.(http://www.billyschowderhouse.com/) And a nice little Italian Restaurant on Mile Rd. about 300 Ft. down on the left form the intersection with Rt 1. Also there is a place called Mainiax Restaurant On Rt.1 in wells. In Ogunquit just south of Wells there is a nice place Called Vinny's East Coast Grill , great sports bar, good food , In Perkins Cove there are a couple of places to eat. Good luck and I hope this helps. (http://www.mcperkinscove.com/)

    2. Flo's Hot dogs with her hot sauce are worth the trip. The original in York is open 11-3 everyday except wed. WElls on Route 1 and Kittery near the Trading post are open later.
      The best reaturant in Ogunquit is MC Perkins Cove- owned by Arrows but not so
      expensive. Great view and excellent food. Be sure to look at the bar menu. 98 Provence in Ogunquit for French food. Barnicle Billy;s for lobster and rum punch, chowder and steamers. Gypsy Sweethearts for eclectic asian influenced menu. In Wells, Billy's Chowder House and the Fisherman's Catch for fried food-extremely casual. The Scoop Deck just off Route one past the Beach Acres trailer park on the right is excellent for ice cream. Have a great time

      1. Maine Diner for all, on Route 1 in Wells, before you get to Route 9A towards Kennebunkport. Cafe Amore in Ogunquit before Perkins Cove for breakfast, and Hurricane Punch, steamers and chowder at Barnacle Billy's. If you want to go into Kennebunkport check out Mekhong Thai in The Marketplace Plaza, and the beer, nice atmosphere, enjoyable food, and a Red Sox game at Federal Jacks (Shipyard Brewery). Go to Big Daddy's for Ice Cream, right next to Maine Diner.

        1. I like Mike's Clam Shack on RT 1. It's always good and a good value. It reminds of Lenny and Joe's in Connecticut.

          1. After Ogunquit - (where I would suggest 98 Provence, hands down the place to go for a romantic wonderful dinner) - head north to Kennebunkport (same distance as Ogunquit in drivetime certainly) for a great place called Federal Jack's. Crazy beautiful view of the harbor with a menu for anybody, excellent bar and a weekend nightlife I didn't expect to see... I really liked this place a lot over our week long vacation.

            1. Thanks for all the tips. We ended up stopping in Portsmouth on the way and had a nice late breakfast at Friendship Place (I think that is what it was called) on Congress St. Friday evening we had a fantastic dinner at Barnacle Billy's Etc. We had a quiet, semi-private table with a beautiful view of the cove. The food was really wonderful. We split the swordfish and fried clams and we each had some clam chowder. My bf said it was the best chowder he has every had. We tried to have breakfast at Amore's. We knew there would probably be a wait, but we waited a little more than an hour (in the rain) and our server was terrible. I may have been more understanding (you know because the place was busy...) except that she spent most of her time putting together silverware bundles and our food sat on the counter for a good five minutes. I almost went up myself to get it. The food was ok. Definitely not worth the wait and we both left hungry and unsatisfied. I was expecting good things and was terribly disappointed. We went up to Kennebunkport and had dinner at Federal Jack's. It was really good. The game was on so we watched that for a while and then later on (after taking some time to wander around the square) we had dinner with a really nice view of the harbor. The food again was wonderful. I got the paella and had lots of tasty seafood, the broth and rice were so tasty. My bf got the crab stuffed haddock and I was jealous of his meal. It was super tasty. Perhaps the best meal we had was the lobster roll at Fancy That in Ogunquit on Sunday morning. It was tender and had just a hint of mayo. Stuffed full of lobster on a warm toasted ciabatta roll, it was incredibly satisfying. We stopped in Portsmouth on the way back to have a late lunch at the Portsmouth Brewery and were both very pleased with the service and the food (burgers for both).

              Thanks for the suggestions...

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                Glad you had a good time! I always try to warn people away from Amore. Why this place is so popular is beyond me. The coffee is terrible, service awful and although the only thing they serve is breakfast there are no pancakes on the menu! Also, they charge extra for "real" maple syrup. The Omelette Factory on Route 1 just north of Ogunquit Center, The Egg and I on the other side of Route 1 and Food & Co. on Route 1 in York are all better alternatives for breakfast.
                Fancy That is owned by the Village Food Market, which also has surprisingly good lobster rolls. The secret is out!