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Sep 12, 2007 09:56 AM

Dinner Party Menu Help

I'm hosting a dinner party next Tuesday and need a little help with the menu. A few of the guests have thrown me a curve ball, which I need to make sure I take into account with the menu planning. Namely, I have one fish eating vegetarian and one guest who is bringing a very sweet drink she'd like us to enjoy before dinner (Peach Martini).

Right now, my menu is:

- Spicy Shrimp Remoulade on Toasts (hoping to balance out the sweet of the martini)

- Mixed green salad with a lemon vinaigrette

- Phyllo-wrapped Salmon with Leeks and Red Bell Pepper

- Wild Rice
- Roasted Asparagus

- Individual Peach and Berry Crisps

Does this menu sound like it will flow nicely? Does anyone have any other suggestions for the app, salad or dessert course? It has to be fairly easy since it is on a weeknight...


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  1. For the shrimp, spicy yes, fatty no. Remoulade will only compete with the peach. Work with the peach flavors to create a more savory profile. You could wrap them with spring roll wrappers and serve with a dipping sauce of lime, fish sauce, ginger, cilantro and serrano peppers. Ginger, in particular, works well with peach and the acid will help to balance out the sugar. And from there you can spring into the lemon vinaigrette. Everything else sounds just peachy (no pun intended).

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      I agree re the remoulade part, while, spicy does sorta balance, super sweet for me, it is more the salty, tangy flavors that do that better. I woud actually marinate the shrimp in the above suggested mixture, then serve, with a little mint, thai, if you can get it, and sprouts and let guest roll their own in lettuce leaves. Or you can just serv the marinated shrip on the toasts.

      I would move a little more fall like into the salad, moving to adding a bitter green or two, some roasted walnuts, some oil cured olive slivers. But Yeah on the lemon!

      Depending on how you are with phyllo dough...I would see that as a part that be simplified with just doing the old parchment paper pouches. The salmon, leeks and pepper woudll stream together nicely.
      And just because it is my preference, I woud had a nice dessert cheese with the fruits. Humbolt Fog?

    2. It sounds absolutely delicious. I might just go with mixed berry crisps for dessert since you are already having peach in the cocktails, but that's just a nit and I certainly wouldn't refuse peach-berry crisps! What time is dinner???

      1. I think it sounds grand! And, I like the peach in the dessert to kind of take you full circle...very interesting touch. (Assuming everyone likes peaches, that is!)

        1. My taste buds want to add a piece of breaded, fried goat cheese to that salad.

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            I would like to try that Peach Martini with my Asian Salmon Gravlax Tartar, served in an endive leaf, or on toasts, or cucumber cups.
            I like the sound of adding nuts,perhaps candied pecans or walnuts and a few bitter greens to the salad, and some fresh parmesan curls or grilled parmesan crisps are simple and would go well with your dressing. Your main sounds great, and you have the parchment paper option which makes for a nice presentation as does the phyllo. The dessert sounds great too. I would like a nice glass of prosecco with lime juice with that, nice and fresh! Enjoy yourself!