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Sep 12, 2007 09:28 AM

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in NYC

What are some of the best vegetarian restaurants in NYC? Thanks.

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  1. Gobo is prett good - Zen Palate is decent

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      1. For a casual atmosphere and good food, I really like Red Bamboo:

        I recommend the Creole Soul Chicken appetizer and the Collard Green Rolls

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        1. re: cidonie

          I second Red Bamboo. Also, Vegetarian Dim Sum House.

        2. I vote against Angelica. I have been there twice and the food is horribly bland. It's the epitome of what people think of when they hear the words "health food."

          I love the South Indian vegetarian places on Lexington between 25th and 28th, particularly Pongal and Madras Mahal.

          I also love Pukk on 1st ave near 7th St. - it's a completely vegetarian Thai restaurant - no fish sauce, no meat (but lots of fake meat made from soy).

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          1. re: scarlet starlet

            re: angelica - fine, more dragon bowls & cornbread for me!

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              Agree about the Indian places--I am not a veggie and I would always choose these over their meaty counterparts on 6th St. Personal fave is Chennai Garden. Who needs fake meat products when veg can taste this good?

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                what about blossom on ninth av around 20th st? i haven't been but have heard it's very good and it looks very pretty. plus there's counter on first av - always been a positive experience.