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Sep 12, 2007 09:15 AM

Carson City dinner help?

Traveling to Cartoon City on Friday to visit relatives and go to the air races.

It's our anniversary Saturday, and as sister-in-law dear is volunteering at the races all day, we thought we'd go out to celebrate our two anniversaries. (they already went out on theirs to Gold Hill Inn)

Open to anything in the Carson Valley down to Mindon-ish, but probablly CC and local environs would be better.

No fine dining, just chowish food and a reasonable ambiance is what we're looking for.

Have any favorites?

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  1. Z Bistro is open Friday and Saturday nights for dinner (its mostly a lunch place) and is highly recommended. No atmosphere to speak of, but always good food. Reservations essential; the place is tiny. French bistro food, moderately priced.

    If I were going out to dinner in the Carson City area, that would be my first choice.

    Here's a link to a previous discussion:

    1. Also try the Carson Station Grill, across the street from the Carson Station Casino, they have nightly specials that are actually very good. Surprised me when we went there. Also there is the Basil on Carson street (Main Street as they say down here) for creative Thai food.

        1. Z Bistro is very good (I had a lentil stew with duck there once that was breathtaking). I really also like the Thai Spice Kitchen on Telegraph (not the fancier place on the main drag) - I once ate so much there that I was actually in pain, because everything was so good.
          However, my mom lives in Carson City, and I would be remiss if I didn't mention JT's Basque restaurant down in Gardnerville. Any family member that comes to visit, she takes there, and it really is wonderful. It's not fancy (family style - and you'll probably be sitting with strangers) and on a Saturday you will have to wait a bit, but it's by far my favorite place to eat.
          Then on Sunday go to breakfast at the Cracker Box!