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Sep 12, 2007 09:01 AM

Church and Bloor - ANY good Lunch spots?

I am going out to lunch with some co-workers tomorrow and we ALWAYS go to the Bishop and the Belcher which is beyond horrible. I would love any suggestions as to what is within a short walking distance from Church & Bloor. One of my lunchmates is a pretty boring/wonder bread kind of guy so any suggestions that will have something more steak and potatoes would be great.

thanks in advance!

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  1. The Pilot Tavern is fairly reliable if you're looking for pub food. Cumberland close to Yonge.

    1. Focaccia on Heyden. There's two — the posher Latin-flavoured bistro and the less expensive Italian sandwich spot.

      1. I like the grilled chicken sandwhich on focaccia from Piazza Manna, which is pretty much beside Bishop & Belcher.

        You could also walk over to Roy Square (small street near Yonge/Bloor) that has a bunch of small tasty shops, including Roy Garden (Chinese), The Salad House, Ritz (Caribbean), and Biryani House (Indian).

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          I think Roy's Square would be too exotic for the "Wonder bread guy" :-). Oh wait, maybe the patio at Toby's would be safe enough.

          There's a newish place called La Differance, on Church south of Hayden. They have a regular menu and a buffet lunch serving "continental food". Not a lot of selection but we found the food to be above average for a buffet.

          There's also "Spirits" right at Hayden - kitty corner to B&B - but the food is quite ho hum, I'd give it a miss.

        2. For a shorter walk I like Spirits @ Hayden & Church.. love their curly fries and gravy usually a good special each day of the week - pub food but done well...

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            What about Fire on the East Side....never been, but I've been told it's good.

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              I second Fire on the East Side...I've been a couple of times...really like the menu and friendly/fast service.

          2. 7 West has tasty pizzas, pastas, salads and sandwiches. Reasonably priced, Charles St just west of Yonge, so not far at all.