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Sep 12, 2007 08:20 AM

Gourmet food stores in Calgary??

Does anyone remember Figbelly's? It was one of the first gourmet-to-go stores I found when I moved to Calgary. Figbelly's, Debaji's and Wraytons all g-o-n-e. I shop the Calgary Farmer's Market, Planet Organic (north) and Community... and of course Sunterra. When it comes to more than pedestrian groceries is there anywhere else I should be shopping??

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  1. The Cookbook Company on 11th Ave. SW has many specialty food items.

    1. i've been searching myself - I like the Calgary Farmer's market and Sunterra but we could use an Urban Fare here. Cookbook Company is good but they need more, it would be nice if they had more fresh items too.

      Has anyone seen watercress or pea shoots anywhere? They show up in restaurants so they must be available somewhere...I've never come across them in the shops.

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        I saw pea shoots in a shop for the first time today, in Planet Organic on Shaganappi!

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          You can find them both (most times) at T + T Supermarket

        2. There's a bizarre lack of upscale markets in Calgary. I think if the Trader Joe's people opened a store here they'd make money hand over fist. I go to Sunterra often, but mostly just because it's a more pleasant shopping experience---their meat is good, but everything else is comparable to chain groceries but more expensive, and their produce is simply bad.

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            trader joe's would be fantastic - i forgot about them

          2. Palate magazine had an item that a book on food shopping in Calgary will be launched at Cookbook Company on Oct 25th. See how I remembered the date of the launch but not the author or book title? I was considering picking it up.

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            1. re: sharonanne

              sharonanne...Yeah I saw that article and it got me thinking: why do I need to buy a book to shop for good food in my own city? It shouldn't be THAT hard to figure out where to go. I'll have to find that issue or check cookbook co's website.

              1. re: gourmethunter

                I was thinking that a book is going to be out of date before it gets finished printing but one of us could buy it and see if it is worthwhile. Any volunteers?

                Maybe the author has found a few places we've missed.

              2. re: sharonanne

                The author is dee Hobsbawn-Smith, a local food know-it-all and I think the title is Shop Talk; should be worthwhile reference guide.

              3. Lina's Italian Market
                Rustic Sourdough (the deli part)

                But I agree, Calgary needs more foodie boutiques.

                ANY shop would make money here- problem is LABOUR.

                Trader Joe's is nowhere in Canada, by the way.

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                1. re: John Manzo

                  I haven't been to Lina's in awhile but when I think Italian I think carbs...I'll have to have another look at the store for lower carb options. Thanks for the info JM I had no idea Rustic Sourdough had a deli.

                  1. re: gourmethunter

                    We were just there and I'm watching carbs too. They had a good selection of produce and cheeses.

                    1. re: gourmethunter

                      oh yeah, dinner was just some outstanding smoked turkey and roast beef on some deeeelicious rye- we live only a block or so west of RS but I always forget it's there. They do this loving job of slicing and packaging the meats in butcher paper, very old fashioned and beautiful.

                      Lina's has tons of pastas and such, but it is also a complete grocery with all sorts of interesting international stuff. They also have among the best prices in the city for cheeses, and they have a really nice produce dept- seems to be the only place in the city for rapini, sometimes.