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Sep 12, 2007 08:13 AM

I need help...


I am trying to plan a Toronto wedding for the 29th of December, I know this is soon but anything is possible right? now the 'I do' part is all taken care of thanks to City Hall. I just need somewhere to host a 'nothing too fancy' party with close family and friends and some sort of buffet. About 50-60 people, from around 7pm, a private room in a restaurant or a bar/pub would be great. My family is coming in from England so something within the downtown area would be nice. Some suggestions would be amazing as I have no idea where to start, thank you!!!!!!!!!

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  1. A lot of suggestions will be driven by budget per person for food. With some places you might rent, it's possible you could do your own bar as well.

    1. Jamie Kennedy has a catering division...

      1. Hi
        I had my wedding last year at the Gladstone (ballroom). We had a lunch buffet for 85 people, I believe it was $20 per person for the food, the room cost $1000 (included staff, and tables + serving items etc) The food was really really really good - I was totally surprised, since we had some communication problems with the staff before the event. We had a choice of either salmon or chicken pot pie (yes, sounds ridiculous, but it was beautifully homemade, and many guests commented on how great it was. Our wedding was in the fall, so it fit it with the season)
        Venue is really nice, although the area is still a bit dodgey

        1. I can't comment on the quality of the food, but since you mention downtown, "nothing too fancy" and bar/pub I thought of PJ O'Brien's. They have private rooms that would accommodate your group:

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            Last year two malke friends of mine got married at City Hall and had their reception at the Five Alarm Diner on Church Street. The food and service was superb, MUCH better than anything I had previously had there before.

            The best part of the wedding was the Philippino couple getting married ahead of my friends. The couple and their party kept looking at all of us, wondering why we had forgeotten to bring a bride!.

          2. Spin Gallery would be nice for a crown that size.