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Sep 12, 2007 08:11 AM

Rutland Vermont

I am heading to VT for a quick weekend, and am finding really cheap hotels in Rutland. Is this a nice town where we can have a pleasant meal and maybe a few drinks, or is the reason its so cheap is that its a dumpy town and only had fast food restaurants? I was hoping for something like Keene New Hampshire or Hanover, but we need to drive someone up that way.

SO--- Rutland, or go elsewhere?

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  1. Yep, dumpy about covers it. Most of the action is on the Route 7 strip – big box stores, a tacky mall, lousy restaurants.

    If you want charm with good eats, try Brattleboro (VT). Some good info here:

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    1. re: GG Mora

      Well, I wouldn't exactly call it "dumpy" but...the mall just got sold for 50+ million and it good for the size of the city. It does lack "upscale" dining. Try the Sirloin Saloon for drinks and maybe even dinner.
      As far as Brattleboro is concerned, it is a couple of hours away and you may not want to travel that far.
      Try the area around Killington on Rt 4 there are some better places to eat and it isn't as far away as Bratt.
      Search this site for Killington recs.
      Good luck!

      1. re: RichK

        Actually, I was recommending Brattleboro as an alternate destination. To my mind, a much more pleasant place to spend a weekend, and I think there are hotel deals to be had there, as well.

        1. re: GG Mora

          I agree with you but the OP states in her post that they need to drive someone "up that way". I thought she was talking about the Rutland area.

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            Sorry, my dumb. I missed that part.

            1. re: GG Mora

              One of my favorites is Countryman's Pleasure. Wonderful people, wonderful food!

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                Countryman's Pleasure (a couple miles east on Rt 4 in Mendon) has excellent German food and a nice antique colonial atmosphere. Saurbraten, spaetzle, and rotkohl is my default menu selection. Their prices are also reasonable for the quality level.

        2. re: RichK

          Gotta second that. While it's not the best, I like Zola's at the Cortina. :) They have a nice weekend breakfast buffet. :)

          1. re: Morganna

            We had the absolute worst lunch at the Cortina 2 years ago. We were staying there for a conference and were a captive audience. The food was terrible: bland, tasteless, overcooked, dry. Yuck factor to the highest degree. A vegetarian repast with no redeeming qualities.

            A really nice place for dinner is Hemingway's on Rte. 4 in Killington. Just a short drive from Rutland. North on 7 then west on 4.

            In Rutland the Three Tomatoes isn't bad.
            I'd mention Little Harry's on West St. in Rutland but then I'd have to duck for cover.

            1. re: Gio

              Awww, that's a shame. Haven't been to the Cortina in, gosh, is it ten years now?! Where does the time go! It used to be a nice place for a slightly upscale meal. Ooh well.

      2. While Rutland's not the most beautiful place in New England, or VT for that matter - there are a couple of highlights. Staying on Rte 7 is not adviseable, but I'll have to agree with a few of the others: Countryman's Pleasure is an elegant yet cozy spot boasting some fantastic Austrian fare and splendid service. My favorite though is Little Harry's. Take West St. dwntown (literally down the hill) and look for the sign on your right hand side- just before the second or third stoplight. It's a small, eclectic spot that's always treated me well. Great service, professional but inviting atmosphere, freshest produce in town. The menu, like the decor, has a great variety.
        There are certainly other spots to try in Brattleboro, Woodstock, etc. But, if Rutland is the most convenient local for your trip I'd say you can certainly find a lovely meal at Little Harry's.

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        1. re: findfood


          We had dinner at Little Harry's the other nite- It was GREAT!! and we have been living here for the past 3 mos for a job....Had the mussles appetizer( spicey and OUT OF THIS WORLD)--also had the Cioppino for dinner- a huge amount of fish, scallops,shrimp and clams....also terrific.. I must be on a ciopinno ( or a derivative of it) as I had a French version of it this past Sunday at Cafe Provence in Brandon- a few miles N of Rutland on Rt 7..That was also awesome- as it had a saffron risotto in the bowl that made the sauce more creamy than clear , as in a typical tomatoey Ciopinno or boullabaise...BOTH places had GREAT food.

          In addition in Rutland, the ONLY hotel to stay at is The HAMPTON IS on Rt 7 S. of the city but is BRAND new and has GREAT service.

          1. re: Andy

            OMGosh!!! Am I glad you liked Little Harry's. Every time I've mentioned LH here I get boos and hisses. Figuratively, of course. When you have the time - venture forth to the original Harry's Cafe in Mt. Holly. East on 103. We've been going there since 1994. They even know our name.

            1. re: Gio

              I'm happy everyone is now saying positive things about Little Harry' uncle is a co-owner. :)

              1. re: rizzo0904

                What a lucky fella you are. Curiously, I just found out that Trip has a farm stand on Rte. 155 - who knew??

        2. I agree with the folks who recommend going elsewhere. Rutland is a dump -- more like a depressed upstate New York town than anywhere else in Vermont. Brattleboro, Keene, Montpelier, Burlington, Mad River Valley, are all better options for a weekend, with better food.

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          1. re: Dave S.

            I'll say it again - read the post the OP said that they had to drive someone up to Rutland.

          2. If reponders to this question had ever gotten off the state highways and visited Rutland's historic downtown, they would have found a variety of good restaurants and varying cuisine. Here are a few: Tapas, the Back Home Again Cafe, Three Tomatoes, Little Harry's, Sal's Pizzeria, Clem's, Sabby's and the Palms. None are fast food, none are national chains, and all have great food. Come to Rutland.

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            1. re: tmacvt

              I think quite a few folks recommended Little Harry's.

            2. Hi Katescoot,
              I'd recommend staying at the Best Western Inn & Suites of Rutland. This hotel offers weekly Manager's Specials on their website, .
              Best of Luck!