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Sep 12, 2007 07:53 AM

Best Challah in Boston Area

I am looking to buy the best challah in the Boston Area. I have had Cheryl Ann's and love it but I am looking for a 2nd alternative.

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  1. So you're looking for the second-best challah in the Boston area?

    1. Cheryl Ann's was going to be my suggestion - why do you need an alternative?

      1. I am not a Cheryl Ann's fan--I find it too sweet and cakey. My favorite challah is a whole wheat one from Quebrada bakery in Arlington.

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        1. re: doctor_mama

          Try Rosenfeld's in Newton Center. They also make an excellent whole wheat challah. And I've seen Cheryl Ann's challah at BJ's wholesale clubs from time to time as well.

          1. re: drboom

            Second for Rosenfeld's Bagels in Newton Centre. I'd even brave the D-Line-Bus-Replacement-Annoyance to get there. Around the (Jewish) holidays they bring in racks and racks of challah and it's fairly easy to come by, but other times you may find that they run out if you don't get there early enough.

            1. re: drboom

              I get bagels at Rosenfelds, they sell a lot of challah also and I think have won some magazine "awards" for it. Everything is baked there daily.

          2. I agree that Chery Ann's is too sweet...but if you are using it for French toast it is fine. If you want a nice Rosh Hashannah challah, I'd try the other recs.

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            1. re: Science Chick

              I used to but my Challah at Diamond Bakery but since they have changed ownership I do not buy anything over there. It makes me very sad that I can no longer depend on them as a good Jewish bakery. I went there a couple of weeks ago to get some of those little sprinkle cookies they have in the case on the right and there were 2 cookies in the case. Also the past 3 times I have purchased stuff it has been old and stale. I think Jewish Bakeries are becoming a dying bread. How awful!

              1. re: hoplover

                I totally agree with you - and don't get me started about corned beef & pastrami. I love all the different ethnic restaurants and food stores that are in the Boston area now, but I SO miss my Jewish bakeries & delis from way back...


            2. Bodavi Bakers on Comm Ave near Newton Centre makes a more bread-like challah. Cheryl Ann's is, to me, like cake, which is nice as a treat but too sweet as a bread.

              Rosenfeld's, I agree, does a good challah.