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Sep 12, 2007 07:46 AM

Carnivore's Restaurant in Nairobi

I was recently in Nairobi and went to the famous Carnivore's for dinner. I was anticipating being able to try a wide variety of game meats. We looked at the menu and every item was something I could get a TGI Fridays. We selected the meat sampler for 2, still thinking we could try something different. The platter arrived and the wiater described beef sausages, chicken, and meat. We were a bit confused as we weren't expecting chicken.... The platter consisted of 2 pieces of chicken (very dry. I couldn't finish it), 4 ostrich meatballs (which were very tasty), 2 pork breakfast sausages (identified as beef by the waiter) and 6 slices of beef (think of minute steaks very well done).

I paid and was waiting outside for my girlfriend. She found a manager because she wasn't sure what she'd eaten. He informed her they weren't allowed to serve game and everything was well done for health safety reasons.

To his credit he was horrified that the waiter didn't fully explain everything on the plate and my girlfriend showed up with 4 pieces of crocodile (the only game they are allowed to serve).

Very disappointed.

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  1. That sucks for the eater though perhaps not the animal. We went there 10 years ago (can it really be that long ago?) and were served all sorts of game and unusual meats. Perhaps things have changed with an eye towards animal conservation?

    1. What a shame - I went to their other place in Joburg - an amazing choice Zebra,warthog,etc etc - give it a go if you can.

      1. It is true. For anyone out there hoping to eat game in Kenya, you ain't gonna get it legally. Game meat is currently banned. I think this may be an attempt to drive down the market for game meat in a bid to reduce illegal poaching etc. However, all game meat served in Carnivore and similar places used to come from ranched animals - thus would not have been poached in the first place. Anyway, don't believe the tourist brochures etc which say that you will have a chance to sample game meats. The most exotic meat you can legally get is I think prob now croc, or camel (which is good). We shall see what the effects are on animal numbers...

        1. Had Dinner there last Friday night [12/7/07]. I did not like it. Very noisie and the service was rushed and the food not very good. Would not go back there again.

          1. The original comment has been removed