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Sep 12, 2007 07:21 AM

Large Quantity/Wholsale Cold Cuts

I'm organizing a lunch where I would like to set out a cold cut spread for about 100 people.

I'm wondering where to go shopping. Chain supermarkets don't really seem like the right place. I can't imagine walking into Giant and asking for 20 lbs of ham, 20 lbs of turkey, and 20 lbs of cheese to be sliced for me! Plus, these places sell by the pound, and probably can't cut you a wholesale deal.

Has anyone thrown a lunch where they've bought large quantities of deli meat? Does costco sell this?

Sniders comes to mind as a good independent market/deli where I could actually talk to a deli manager and buy a whole thing of meat and cheese, sliced, paying less than the per pound price.

FYI, the really helpful planning site I found.


Tells you what and how much of everything you might need for a large event.

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  1. Another option would be to order a deli platter from a nearby deli or store. I'm sure Whole Foods puts together deli platters.

    Krupins (now named Morty's?) near AU is the best deli I've been able to find in the DC area and I bet they would put together the platters for you. Here is their website:


    There is also a really delicious Jewish deli in Silver Spring (can't remember the name but they have a pickle bar which I loved and excellent matzo ball soup) that, just like Krupins/Morty's, has a deli counter and probably can either sell you the slices or put together a platter for you.

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      Chutzpah caters too, I'm pretty sure.

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        The place in Silver Spring you're referring to is, I believe, the Parkway Deli. It's pretty good and I think they do platters, etc.


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          Yes! Thank you...I always forget the name but remember the good deli food. Wish it was closer to DC.

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            Parkway Deli is right across the DC line (three blocks, see the link).

            Parkway Deli & Restaurant: Phone & Order
            8317 Grubb Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20910

      2. I would say Restaurant Depot (with the usual caveats about "gotta have a business license") but you'd have to slice it yourself at home, and without a cokmmercial slicer ... hassle!

        You may just have to go the "deli platter" route - Shoppers does an acceptable one.

        1. The Italian Store in Va caters, so they might do this type of thing. Their website has their catering menu and it mentions platters.

          1. You probably aren't getting enough to get a real wholesale break. But it never hurts to ask. Getting deli platters is expensive so if you're willing to get the meats/cheese and lay them out yourself, you can save a lot of money.
            Costco does have simple deli meats already sliced in sealed plastic packages and they're good quality. Roast beef, pastrami, ham, several kinds of sliced cheese, etc.
            The prices and quality are excellent at both Litteri's and Canale's (Eastern Market) and I've used them both for events like this. I arrange the purchase ahead to make sure they have what I need in stock and then they have it ready for pick up. I have them slice it in small packs rather than one huge package - like a bunch of 2 lb rather than one 20 lb package.
            Both Costco and the Bakery at Eastern Market have good selections of bread for sandwiches.

            1. Don't know about the wholesale cost, but Sams has wonderful large packages of sliced meats and cheeses, plus cheap trays to put them on, plus bread and rolls...that is where I'd go!