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Sep 12, 2007 07:17 AM

Tybee/Savannah GA

Looking for a high end restaurant in the Tybee or Savannah area. Somewhere that would be a special occasion restaurant.

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  1. Everyone always recommends Elizabeths's on 37th. It is a very nice special occasion type of place. I personally have never been there but have read and heard several people who swear by it. I want to go...someday. :)

    1. If you want to stay on Tybee & not go back into town, you cannot go wrong with george's. Many excellent choices in town.

      1. Georges on Tybee is a great spot as well as The New South Cafe - which is located in Savannah on the way to Tybee Island - great food, upscale dining (at dinner, lunch is more casual but still wonderful). Check it out!

        1. I haven't lived there in several months, but I really enjoyed Alligator Soul. And if you're looking for an evening downtown, it's easy walking distance to many other cute bars and places for dessert on Broughton Street.

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            IMHO not only is Georges' (sic - it's owned by *two* guys named George) the best upscale dining on Tybee, I think that, on a good night, it rivals anything in Savannah. Again, my very humble opinion.

            1. re: Newcomb Girl

              I concur. & you cant beat North Beach Grill that they also own. Love the fried crawfish & jerk pork.