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Sep 12, 2007 07:01 AM

Unicum, Pelinkovac in NYC/San Francisco area/online?

I have not been able to find Unicum (a bitter digestif/aperitif liquor from Hungary) in the U.S., and the two bottles I bring back to the U.S. from my visits there don't tend to last very long. Does anyone know where to buy it in the states? Either the San Francisco Bay Area or the New York City area would be helpful.
Also, if someone knows any sources for Pelinkovac (another brown, slightly less bitter liquor, from Croatia), I'd also appreciate that.

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  1. I've seen Unicum at Warehouse Wines & Liquors on Broadway, NYC.

    1. Unicum is available at the following:
      Astor Wines (nyc)
      Park Ave Liquor (nyc)
      Mount Carmel Wine & Spirits (nyc)
      Bay Cities Italian Deli (LA


      Pelinkovac is available at the following:
      Beltramo's (menlo park)

      1. I've also seen Unicum at Crown Liquors, 1587 2nd Ave. in Yorkville, Upper East Side, NYC. This used to be a Hungarian neighborhood and there are still some residual grocery stores.

        Googling "buy Zwack Unicum" turns up tons of online sources.

        But look out! I've just learned that the Unicum that has recently been introduced for sale in the U.S. (so far, only in New York State and Ohio) has been "modified" for the US market with more sugar and less alcohol. _That_ is one of history's great tragedies. So look very carefully at the label -- make sure you're getting a Hungarian import bottle. Here's an article about the current heirs to the Zwack fortune themselves messing with 200 years of success: