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Tuscany/Umbria wedding

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Hi everyone...my fiancé and I are trying to plan our wedding in Tuscany or Umbria...we are not in a rush, as we are thinking possibly fall 2008 or spring 2009, but we are going to be in the area in April so we'd like to get a list of possible contenders to check out while we are there.

We are figuring we will have between 40-60 people, and while I'd love for everyone to stay together, it might be a bit hard. Would prefer to stay somewhere a bit rustic, with breakfast served, if possible. For our reception, amazing food is tops - would love to go to a restaurant with great food and wine, or if our accommodations serve great food, that would be fine too. Casual and simple home style is what we are looking for, and the same for accommodations.

I have contacted a few wedding planners, but they all seem to have cookie cutter ideas...does anyone have recommendations for places to stay/eat? I've searched these boards and have gotten ideas, but anymore would be appreciated!

Oh, we will be having a Catholic service, so if anyone has experience with any of the churches in the area, any advice there would be great too!


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  1. My suggestion is Borgo San Felice near Siena. They have taken over an entire hamlet and turned into a hotel and restaurant. The small church that's part of the Borgo would be ideal for a wedding. We stayed there for a week last year and loved it.


    1. La Badia, in orvieto..they have a website, stayed there many many times, la badia is fab, orvieto is magical..do it there !

      1. Hi tkin, congrats on the wedding and your choice on doing it in italy. i just got married in umbria (2 weeks this thursday) and it was absolutely beautiful. we rented a house in niccone valley, just north of lake trasimeno and got married at la chiusa fattoria biologica (not the relais one) and had an amazing time. la chiusa is a small, beautiful agriturismo overlooking the valley with vineyards and trees everywhere. It's run by a family from several generations. the owner is the chef and everything is made on the property. they also have lots of dogs and cats (very well behaved) on the property, but they do a very good discreet job of keeping them away from your wedding, if you want. our wedding planner found the spot. she was wonderful, very flexible on everything. they specialize on not doing typical package style weddings and will create something to your wishes. the company is cortona events, and is run by two women: glenda furia and stefania svetti. both were born and raised in tuscany and speak english. here's the website:
        i'm sure they can help you find a church nearby as well. also, not sure if it's so with catholic weddings, but apparently every italian must also do a civil service at the local town hall. we had ours at castiglion fiorentino, again a suggestion from our wedding planner. it's an absolutely gorgeous undiscovered gem of a tuscan hill town, that is also cheaper than nearby cortona. they do a wonderful traditional ceremony complete with a beautiful italian certificate, a scroll and a traditional ceramic seal of the city, which they present to you as a gift.

        good luck and congratulations again. you'll have a beautiful ceremony wherever you choose to have it!

        1. Thanks everyone for your suggestions! La Badia has been on my list for a while, glad to hear a real world review. Borgo San Felice is beautiful, thank you for the suggestion!!

          Gremlin, thanks for the recommendation for your planner and congratulations! I had seen their website but hadn't contacted them, but I will now...

          1. tkln,

            Have you looked at Villa Vistarenni in the Chianti region of Tuscany?
            South of Florence and east of Siena.
            pictures below

            ...or the Ferragamo Family owns a Villa and the town nearby and has restored all of it to the levels you would expect from the Ferragamos...Villa Il Borro. Between Siena and Arezzo
            (I couldn't post any more pictures)

            1. In 2001, got married in Florence and then bussed people to Greve in Chianti for the reception. Had the reception at Castello Vicchiomaggio. Excellent food and staff. We had about 100 guests. You should be able to sample a wedding menu and options when you're there in April. They make there own wine (check the website), make all the food/cake on premises, have a few rooms for accommodation, great views. Easy bus ride back to Florence or to Siena.

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                Oh - I'm so glad someone had a good experience at the Castello! It's on my list and it seems very reasonable (which only makes me nervous). The accommodations don't look as nice as some of the other places we are considering, but it's also half the price, so...

                Did you have to rent out the entire space for the wedding, or were there other people staying there at the same time? How far was the drive from Florence? I know they have a church on-site, which would work out great if we end up staying there as well...

                Thank you everyone for your replies!

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                  Hi Jo I am looking at Castello Vicchiomggio for my wedding also. I was hoping you could tell me a little more about your experience there. Was the place nice and could you have your reception outside? Was it expensive? Many many thanks!! Excited bride!! x x x x

                2. Hi everyone,.I finally choose the Villa for my wedding, simply gorgeous,if you don't believe me check your self...
                  We'll have 35 people(the're going to sleep in the Villa and the depandance) and I find out that there's a little XII century church pretty close(less than one mile)...www.poggiogolo.com

                  1. You might want to consider this place, in Gaiole, between Florence and Sienna. Gorgeous, and great food when we stayed there on our honeymoon.


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                      i have been to spaltenna many times, it is indeed wonderful

                    2. Hi , I suggest you Hotel Bramante in Todi. A friend of mine get married there, it's really wonderful!!! Umbria is better than tuscany! Good luck

                      I think is www.hotelbramante.it

                      1. Hello,
                        I'm in the midst of planning an italian wedding myself! Wondered what you decided on...

                        1. you might want to try some of the castle-village type accomodations - Castello di Gargonza, where we stayed many years ago, is certainly both rustic and romantic and has a tiny romanesque church and restaurant.