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Sep 12, 2007 06:32 AM

Undici, Rumson

This is newly added to OpenTable. Anyone been? NO website that i can find.
Undici writes:
Undici is the recreation of a Tuscan farmhouse. The stone, woods, plaster and tile are all reminiscent of an era passed.
The cuisine will consist of the freshest quality ingredients available at market. This will allow us to change our menus seasonally to provide continuing freshness and change. The menu will truly be rustic Italian.
All of our pasta, gnocchi and ravioli will be homemade daily using only Caputo Italian flour.
Fresh fish and meats are bought in daily to assure quality and freshness.
Our wine list is award winning featuring over 350 labels from the greatest Italian producers. Our wine by the glass program features over 40 selections from the great Italian wine regions.
For a quick snack or a delicious lunch or dinner.

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  1. They haven't opened yet (I live down the road). It is the same owner as Basil T's in Red Bank I believe. I am curious to see if it will be any better than what they offer there (hopefully).

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    1. re: taboni

      How good the food at Undici will be entirely depend on who is the executive chef. If it's the same person who is executive chef at Basil T's, then, regardless of how fancy, i.e., more upscale, Udici may be, the food will be of Basil T's quality. However, if they've hired a different executive chef, then it remains to be seen.

      1. re: RGR

        Good point RGR. BTW, How can their wine list be award winning if they haven't opened yet?

        1. re: bgut1

          That was my next question! On opentable they have the executive chef listed as Elvin Molina and Gianni Atzori. I'm not sure who the exec is these days at Basil T's since I think Ken Mansfield is now at Sirena in LB, no?

          1. re: littleone4

            Well, then, that settles that! I can cross Udici off the list -- not that it was ever seriously on. Italian food in NJ would have to be over-the-room spectacular for me to travel any distance for it.

    2. Does anyone know of an opening date?

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      1. re: Angelina

        There is a Basil T's in Toms River. If it is owned by the same people, it is almost a sure loser. The service is horrible, the food leaves much to be admirered.

        1. re: Babs16

          The owner of the orginal basil t's in red bank sold the one toms river a long time ago. not too many good places to eat in town but basils is one of them.

          1. re: cmullin1977

            cmullin - Are you saying that basil's is a good place to eat in TR or Red Bank? Either way I have to disagree with you on both fronts. I think the general consensus on this board is that the food at both are pretty bad. Further the statement that there are not many "good" restaurants in either city is quite short sighted (Dish, Thyme Square, and Teak in RB; Bistro 44, Villa Amalfi, Nobi in TR).

            1. re: bgut1

              I'd have to agree about Basil T's ... Not very good food and poory trained/managed Wait Staff.
              I've had the pleasure of dining at Sogno in RB and thought both the food and the service to be very good.

              1. re: Tay

                Tay - I'm interested in knowing more about your meal at Sogno. That restaurant used to be my favorite go to spot in Red Bank before the Esposito family sold it some years back. I dined there weeks after the sale (obviously not knowing about the transfer) and had the worst meal vowing never to return. These recent reports may give me reason to try again. Thank you.

                1. re: bgut1

                  We went to Undici and add our regrets to those expressed above. It's not even worth going into detail. Suffice to say, nice room, mediocre to bad food, lots of money down the drain.

                  1. re: seal

                    Sorry about your bad meal Seal. Thanks for taking one for the team. :)

                    1. re: seal

                      Ditto, Seal. We weren't tempted to even try it, but might have eventually if the reports had been better. Your experience tears it, details not necessary. Thanks for saving us the trouble.

                      And thanks to bgut, too. I've been curious about Dino's in Ursula Plaza, just because it is so nearby. So much for that.

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          1. I went a few weeks ago. It is extremely expensive and the food is fair at best. Wait staff is disorganized.
            Most of the comments from locals is the same too expensive for what you get. They need to reconsider their price points. $18.00 for an individual pizza is excessive even in Rumson. I do not plan on going back anytime soon and from the buzz I'm hearing around niether is anyone else.

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            1. re: CTS07760

              We went early Nov. and were completely unimpressed....a VERY poor value. Our service was incompetent (they must've worked the McD's window prior)......$48 for the veal chop?.........Now, I really miss the "old" Hook Line..........PS. I lobbied for Angelicas in SB after seeing some feedback here, but was out-voted. "Vindication was mine"

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              1. Read my post.. I liked the place..pricey...but I still would go back...I may be "shuned" from this board..but it was nice.....

                    1. re: Angelina

                      OUCH, pricey -- Thanks for the website.

                      1. re: nyebaby37

                        You are not missing anything by going there. If you really want...go to Basil T's in Red Bank, and just double the price of everything. :)

                        1. re: Angelina

                          I feel the bar there is a great little place for a glass of wine, but my buck stops there. $8 per slice of cheese, even Restaurant Nicholas doesn't charge that much!