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Sep 12, 2007 06:13 AM

Which Orlando Steakhouse?

I want to take my BF to a fabulous steak dinner that he'll love for his Birthday. I was thinking either Kres Chop House or Ruths Chris. Opinions?

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  1. Kres Chop house is certainly good. Has the feel of more a hip style (think LA) steakhouse. I personally like Capital Grill (not the Orlando branch), but my fave is Shulas..........always seem to get a good cut of beef there. Ruths Chris is OK, but maybe because they seem to reproduce and open locations like a McDonalds expansion seems to turn me off. I don't think Ruths Chris has ever given me a bad meal maybe it's just me. Also many like the Lee Road branch of Del Frisco's although I think their quality has diminshed over the past 6 months. I also think that they lost their affiliation with the Texas original Del Frisco's which they had a distant contractural relationship with.........Bob Mervine maybe able to clarify this. In summary I would go Shulas 1st, Capital Grill 2nd, and The Palm 3rd with Del Frisco's 4th.

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      Isn't there a Charley's in Orlando? I like the Tampa Charley's better than the Tampa Ruth's Chris

    2. My vote is Shulas!! Great steaks and very professional service!

      1. I suggest Del Friscos. Definitely a "guys' restaurant and my favorite in Orlando. Be sure to snag some giant jelly beans as you leave--there's a bowl of them in the lobby. YUM!

        I'm not fond of all the butter they put on the steaks at Ruth Chris.

        1. I'll vote for Mortons, then Shula's then Ruth's Chris.

          it's not a steak house but Texa de Brazil would be my first choice for a carnivore's meal.

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            The only place here I've had a meal at was the Charley's off of I-Drive. The steak was very, very good and reasonably priced compared to most of the options in the area.

            Other than that, I'd also throw in Texas de Brazil. I haven't been to one of the franchise's locations before but I have been to a simiar concept in Atlanta and enjoyed filling myself up to the point of getting sick. You'll get to try all sorts of meats as you please and the salad bar is very nice.

          2. I'll also vote for Texas De Brazil. There's no way a guy wouldn't love that place, and he'd love you for it. If you're dead-set on a more traditional steakhouse, Del Frisco's made the best steak I've ever had in my life, and their fried oysters appetizer is also outstanding. I highly recommend both places.