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Sep 12, 2007 06:10 AM

Downhill Alert - Thomas Beisl

not sure if this is news but thomas beisl looks like its on its last legs. i went here back in 2001 or 2002 just as they opened and had a great meal. service was fine, the place was packed.

i went saturday night and the place was dead empty...maybe 2-3 tables in the main restaurant, another 2 tables outside...this was 8-9pm. the service was godawful. the woman who seated us asked us for drinks and we ordered...she never brought them to us. the endive salad on the menu was not available for the night (very hacky), my chicken liver mousse looked terrible.

entrees took forever to arrive...and for an empty restaurant, that was inappropriate. when i asked about our order, the waitress said the chef lost the order. we were about the leave but they insisted it would arrive in the next 3 minutes. my pork cheeks were decent but a bad choice for a humid night, the chicken cordon bleu special my friend ordered was actually kind of good but looked like it was from a lean cuisine.

for our troubles, the waitress comped us dessert...but not 2...just hacky.

the entire time, right behind us, all of the wait staff were fighting with each other about who messed up our order. the main boss seemed fuming at his staff but it was a hacky operation all around.

i wont be back.

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  1. It sounds like they didn't treat you appropriately once they realized they'd made a mistake.

    I went about three weeks ago and had a delicious meal with good service. I usually get the weinerschnitzel and the mushroom crepes. Combined with a light beer, that combination is one of my favorites.

    I agree with your observation that the room was a lot emptier than it should be. That kind of place needs good music and a lively chatter in the room.

    When I get that craving for Austrian food, I'll go back again.

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    1. re: Rodrigo

      I went for brunch this past Sunday (Marathon day) and had a great meal with great service. The roast pork shoulder with bread dumplings was spectacular (as good as my Oma's in Bavaria), as was my Goesser. My wife had steak and it was perfectly prepared. The fries were also really good.

      We have never experienced bad service at Thomas Beisl in the six or seven times we have been there. If we are in the mood to be abused by comically bad service, we head most of the places on Smith Street.

      This place is one of my favorites in Brooklyn and while I respect some readers negative views on this place, all is not bad. It is still a solid option.

    2. I have to say, having grown up in NYC and gone to all the great German restaurants that have since closed, I never saw the appeal in Thomas Beisl. Yes, the schnitzel is good, but that's not enough for the inattentive staff and the other items on the menu that canb often disappoint. It frustrates me, because the location is so perfect. If they only got a few things right, they could be a major destination for the area and certainly for BAM regulars -- like me.

      1. To say the service is bad just hits the tip of the iceberg here. We went for supper at 10 pm (the place is open till midnight) and were treated as though we'd walked in at 11:59, including dishes removed from the table while we were still eating from them, etc. The schnitzel ain't worth the hassle. Auf wiedersehn, Thomas!