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Sep 12, 2007 05:57 AM

Great Chinese - Dr. Phillips area?

Hi, we just moved into the Dr. Phillips area of Orlando and are looking for a great Chinese restaurant in the area. Any suggestions? I did a search and the Magic Wok came up. Can you eat-in there? I'd love to find a restaurant that serves Peking Duck. Thanks for the help!

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  1. Lotus garden in the Dr phillips market place

    1. Another Peking Duck lover!!! It's not 'in' Dr. Phillips but it's close enough. it's s ake out place on the corner of Old Winter Garden Rd and Hiawasee called Hong Kong something or other 407*296*9988. call ahead and get it to go because they only have 2.5 tables.
      Also try Rice & Co. on the corner of Arnold Palmer and Kirkmann.

      Other wise search the boards, between Bob M, myself and others you'll get some great info.

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        We tried Hong Kong a couple of weeks ago and were disappointed. There was nothing special about any of the food and some was awful. It seemed like a typical take-out place, with a couple of tables, where much comes out of boxes. There is no excellent Chinese in Dr. Phillips. The most acceptable is 168 on Turkey Lake Road near Rice Paper and Kmart. Kim Wu a bit further north of Kirkman and Conroy also isn't bad.

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          so after trying the offerings of you neighbors, are you reasy to venuture out? Read up on Bob Mervine's stuff, then if still haven't run out of your chair insearch of meal, slip on ove to my posts, cause you may well be in neeed of a NAP!!!

      2. In that area, Magic Wok is head and shoulders above the others for Chinese.


        1. hey, i know this isnt chinese, but if you just moved and are looking for places to eat, there is a wonderful Vietnamese restaurant called Rice Paper (on corner of Turkey Lake & Sand Lake next to Gold's Gym) they have a wonderful carpaccio among other more traiditional Vietnamese dishes. Dr. Phillips is becoming a booming area. oh and can get some good steak tartare @ Vines bar & grill.

          1. Thanks for all the suggestions - I appreciate it! We've made a list and plan on trying several of the restaurants mentioned. Rice Paper sounds great and we've wondered about Vines. I've not into Steak Tartare, but it looks like a cute place. I think we'll try that instead of Seasons 52 the next time we go out.

            We've discovered that if we arrive before 7 at Seasons 52 we can get in without a reservation during the week. They have just changed over to their fall menu. I had a snapper with curry sauce that was fabulous last week.

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              Especially Thursday -Sunday, Vines gets very noisy and crowded and not a good place for dinner.