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Sep 12, 2007 05:49 AM

Last Minute Anniversary Help

Hea Hounds, need some help. My boss is celebrating his 30th anniversary by flying to Austin this Thursday night and going to ACL all weekend. He and his wife arrive on Thursday night at 9:30pm. He is looking for ideas for something special to do for his wife that night. Since they arrive late, a romantic dinner is out. The only thing I could come up with was a late night dessert somewhere romantic. But what's open that fits the bill? The Belmont? Four Seasons? Driskell?

They are staying at the Hilton downtown so something close by would be the best.

I welcome all suggestions and thanks in advance for your suggestions - dessert or otherwise.

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  1. I really enjoy having a drink at the Stephen F Austin Hotel bar. The bar is on the second floor and has a balcony that overlooks Congress and 8th Street.

    1. I personally think the sexiest late night meal in Austin is a trip down to Bestwust with your beloved, for an Italian loaded up w/ sauerkraut and onions and curry ketchup. Walk around with your significant other and take in the spectacle of thousands of drunken college students, and comment on how hot your lover looks with grease and mustard dripping down his/her chin. The aphrodisiac qualities of grilled onions are not to be underestimated. And it's just a short walk from the Hilton...
      For those looking for a more delicate pleasure I would go to Starlite for dessert and drinks, since they are open later (11p for food and midnight for drinks. I don't know if they serve dessert after 11). I have had good dessert and drinks at Trulucks, and the bar is kind of cool. I have had disappointing drinks at the Belmont and Four Seasons in the last few weeks (Four Seasons specialty: $14 mediocre martnini). There is a bartender at the Driskill that I like (the younger man makes a great Sidecar; not the older one who REFUSED to serve my friend a gin drink and insisted that she wanted a chocolate martini. A chocolate martini just b/c she is a girl!) and the atmosphere is cool if you like a look that I would describe as Texas Oil Baron (in Drag).

      1. Given the late arrival time, Fleming's or PF Chang's might be an easier option. They're open pretty late, and they're right next door. There is also some swanky restaurant built into the Hilton, but I've not heard good things about it yet.

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          TAF - The swanky resturant in the Hilton is Finn & Porter and it is outstanding. I've eaten there about 30 times and everything is really good. In house aged prime beef and seafood that's flown in daily. And great Sushi guys.

          Tipsytexan - Starlight sounds good. All other places I've thought of (Driskell, Four Seasons, Eddie V's, Trulucks, etc.) all have kitchens that close at 10pm so that won't work. It's down to Belmont and Starlite, the only places whose kitchens are open until 11pm on Thursday. Thanks everyone!

          1. re: Chicago Wine Geek

            I have eaten at both and HANDS DOWN.. Starlite will not disappoint. And, one of the best things about it is that when they are done eating, they are in the middle of warehouse district and can continue the evening party-ing or having more drinks!

        2. I know it might be a little late, but if you still have not decided on your plans, there is an amazing tapas bar in the warehouse district on 4th, between Colorado and Lavaca. They stay open until 2AM and as far as I know they serve food until then. Here's a link to their website . They have a great wine selection and great food. Also right next to them is Saba Blue Water Cafe, their fusion food and drinks are also really good.