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Mar 2, 2006 07:37 PM

best sushi in san francisco

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i went to a great place in the opera plaza in san francisco. shima sushi, fresh fish, good specialty rolls, rare sakes, good value.

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  1. Do you have a name for this "best sushi in San Franciso"?

    1. I went last night to Shima Sushi for dinner. Had a very nice combo sashimi-sushi dinner. About five decent-sized pieces of garnet-red maguro, 5 pieces of nigiri, and a CA roll (next time I will ask to sub that out for a kappa or oshinko maki instead-I really dislike CA rolls). Came with miso, salad, and tea for $16.95 and I (would have) had plenty for lunch today. Also a big knob of seaweed salad on the sushi tray which was an especially nice surprise as I had wanted to order it but thought that it would be too much food. All the fish with maybe the exception of the ebi was very fresh. Don't ask about the sushi rice as I am hardly an expert. I liked my meal.

      Nice sushi bar, big room, very calming. They seem to have a lot of sakes (didn't see the list, just saw all the bottles). Their sushi selection seemed fairly standard though. I didn't engage the sushi chefs so maybe there were specials I didn't know about. Extremely nice, Japanese staff.

      As harrison said, it is tucked away inside the Opera Plaza on Van Ness (SF), next to the theater. Much better pre/post movie option than Max's, me thinks. I should add that I don't think this is necessarily the BEST sushi in SF as harrison's title implies, but certainly good.