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Sep 12, 2007 05:12 AM

Help a pregnant woman find food near Bryn Mawr Hospital

I'm 42 weeks pregnant and unless I go into labor before 4:30 today (unlikely), I'm being induced at Bryn Mawr Hospital at 7-ish tonight. In between my 4:30 appointment and 7, my midwife suggested that my husband and I have dinner. We're from West Chester and don't know much about Bryn Mawr area dining. Please help us find a good last meal as a couple! Here are our requirements:

Close to Bryn Mawr Hospital-we don't have much time
Somewhat casual-I'm very pregnant and don't fit into anything but black sweat pants
Not too noisy/hectic

Also, my husband is wondering where he can order decent pizza in the area

Thank you!

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  1. I would reccomend Mediterranean Grill.
    For pizza, I must admit I love Pizzi's - but I am in the minority.
    Also try Peace of Pizza in Bryn Mawr.

    1. I don't have suggestions, but congratulations! I'm sure it will be a special meal no matter where you go.

      1. Carmines is awesome and walking distance to the hospital. I am also a huge fan of Yangming for gourment asian/Chinese. Gullifty's is pretty good too.

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          I second Gullifty's! They're definitely casual. If they still have the gourmet cookie for two, you should totally order it ahead (I think they bake it while you're eating dinner so it's so fresh and yummy).

        2. There's Lourdas right by the Bryn Mawr train station. At that time of day you should be able to get in and out pretty quickly. Their food is very good. Tango is good, too. I'm just not sure how quick it would be. Carmine's is good too... just depends what you're in the mood for. Gullifty's would definitely be last on my list for your last meal as a couple.

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            I second the recommendations for Lourdas and Tango, both of which are close to the train station. Be warned that Lourdas is BYO and cash only. I also like Cafe Fresko on Lancaster Ave. (also BYO cash only). Carmine's has delicious food, but it's noisy and hectic. Also, the food is so rich, I wouldn't want to follow it with labor! For pizza, your husband can walk across the street to Pacilio's on Glenbrook Ave; much closer than Peace a Pizza in Rosemont. I would hold off on Gullifty's--plenty of time for that later when your screaming baby can sing harmony with all of the other noisy kids there.

            1. re: vicarious

              Thanks... I forgot to mention the cash only. As for Gullifty's, the ONLY time we go there is with our kids. I've never been to Fresko, but it's on my list of places to go.

          2. I agree with Mediterranean Grill. It is perfect for your needs and is the closest place to the hospital.
            If you prefer Chinese, Yangming is up the road too.
            Very exciting. All good luck to you.