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Sep 12, 2007 02:12 AM

University of Pittsburgh

Looking for either a good Italian place or steak house within walking distance or a short drive from campus.

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  1. Joe Mama’s is a couple of blocks walk from the Cathedral of Learning. And another couple of blocks gets you to Dave and Andy’s for ice cream dessert.

    Girasole is a short drive away in Shadyside. A little tricky to find because it’s downstairs on a one way street. Worth it. Highly thought of on these boards. Also has gelato upstairs.

    The Pittsburgh area abounds with Italian eateries.

    1. Lunch or Dinner? Budget? Open to other cuisines? Business/Family?

      Lucca's on Craig St. and Il Valletto on Forbes (between CMU and Pitt). Girasole (On Copeland, off of Walnut) is good, actually, last time I ate there I ordered a steak with pesto ricotta melting on top...mmm.

      Joe Mama' not so good. Squirrel Hill has La Cucina Flegrea (Murray Ave) , and while I haven't been there in awhile, it's certainly better than Joe Mama's.

      The only steakhouses I've tried (Ruth's Christ and Mortons) are downtown.

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      1. re: QSheba

        -Will splurge for quality
        -Prefer Steak and or Italian
        -Traveling with my 17 year old son for Uof P visit/interview

        Thanks for the suggestions

        1. re: Kenny7134

          Southside, 17th Street
          No question!

          I'm the mother of a 2006 grad and a PhD candidate at Pitt. We have been visiting for 7 years and always stop at Dish.

      2. Dish is great, but it's not really close to Oakland and for non-Pittsburghers (I've been here 3 years and it's still not easy) the roads/bridges/tunnels can be a pain! ... if you are willing to drive for a great meal, there are a lot of great restaurants...worth checking the other threads for the "best of"... If you prefer to stay close to the school, I would do Girasole myself.