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Sep 12, 2007 02:06 AM

Sunday Brunch in NE Queens

Any suggestions for a good restaurant, either meat or dairy, in Northeast Queens (Bayside, Douglaston-Little Neck, Fresh Meadows area) for a Sunday brunch.

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  1. You can't go wrong with Ben's in the Bay Terrace Shopping Center.

    1. Dairy King in New Hyde Park

      1. By the way some of our family is "Black Hat" Orthodox-- I want to be respectful to them in terms of "Shomer Shabbos" and other issues -- would Ben's and/or Dairy King qualify

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        1. re: Kenny7134

          Ben's would not. I'm not sure about Dairy King. You're also not far from Great Neck and all the options there. (I haven't lived in the area in years so can't make a specific recommendation but someone can.)

          1. re: jes

            Dairy King is fantastic, affordable and under the Va'ad Harabonim of Queens- that shhould please your Black Hat relatives. I even believe it's cholov yisrael. Really classic Ratner's style food.

          2. re: Kenny7134

            I happen to know the owner of dairy king he is shomer shabas