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Sep 12, 2007 12:26 AM

i found fresh lobster for $9.99!!

for all the seafood lovers....I stumbled upon new restaurant today JR Bistro in Chinatown. They're running a special - fresh lobster, cooked to order for only $9.99 each. Thats cheaper than buying it at the 99Ranch and cooking it myself! i ordered it Black Bean and Chili style - not very spicy and complemented the lobster meat well. I mixed the lobster sauce into the rice and that was delightful. My friend ordered the crab which was also their special for 7.99 each. There are restrictions though - dine in only. it also says "limited time only" so ill be goin back very soon before they end this special promo. i recommend ordering the veggie eggrolls as appetizers.

the complimentary dessert is also worth mentioning. its a mango + pineapple/tropical tasting tapioca dessert that was most refreshing for the summer evenings these days.

the addy: 750 north hill street, los angeles, 90012
tele: 213-620-0838

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  1. Thanks redbeancake!
    I now know what I'll be having for lunch.

      1. Interesting.

        The dimsum at New Capital Seafood (old Sam Woo's at the big Chinese super mall in San Gabriel) is always pretty good, and judging by the ever present HUGE Chinese crowd, a good value. So much so that I took my wife one evening for dinner. It was just as HUGE a disappointment. Really some of the worst Chinese food at dinner time (though the huge space was full after a while with many large groups celebrating birthdays and merrily eating away - perhaps we ordered all 3 things poorly). They told us that if we added one more item to go over $30, they were offering a free lobster. Free lobsters were being served at almost every table.
        By this time, we had the soup and were feeling that the evening cooking was not up to par, and declined. Looks like you can get cheap lobsters, if not free, at many Chinese restaurants. I wonder about the quality of the ingredients.

        1. I went and it was very good.
          They also have a live crab special for $7.99
          Crispy Fried whole chicken special $6.99
          Whole Crispy Fish Fillet for $6.99
          They also have Hot Pot selections...very good.

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          1. re: tatertotsrock

            i wonder how they can keep those prices so low. 'bargain' seafood always makes me nervous....

            1. re: goodhealthgourmet

              Lobster is not always expensive, there were many times when I was living in Boston that lobster was $5.99 / lb retail at very good seafood shops. Granted, freight to LA adds to the cost, but these lobsters they are selling are probably chix and only weight .75#.

              1. re: joshekg

                Lobsters can be kept alive for ages in tanks and may have started a 1+# and ended up at .75#. They don't eat after being caught so they drop fat over time. IF this is supposed to be cold water lobster, it probably hasn't seen the ocean in weeks or maybe months.

                Sorry to be a buzzkill. But hey if it tastes good, chow down.

                1. re: GastronautMN

                  I once bought a 'cheap' lobster from a grocery store tank and after cooking found that the 'meat' filled less than one third of it's carapace! A starved lobster! Sad in every way!

              2. re: goodhealthgourmet

                Hi goodhealthgourmet,
                It's a Grand Opening looks like it's working because people were just walking in after seeing the big banners outside the place. One table (2 women and 2 kids) came up to me when the were leaving and asked if I had beeen there before...I said no, they said no, that they saw the signs and it looked clean so they wanted to see if it was good. They had the fish and the chicken specials and they liked the looks of my lobster so they said they would be back. There were 2 "legal-type" ladies who were also trying it for the first time on the advice of a friend who had stumbled upon it because of the signs. The lobster was wonderful! Super fresh, moist, obviously "just cooked" I got the ginger/green onion prep and it was great.

                1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                  Nothing to be nervous about....
                  Its low because its a "loss leader" to get you in and generate business. Nothing bargain about it except what they're charging you. Figure the wholesale price they're paying is about $7/lb and they're probably 1 pound chickens and culls (one claw) which is also cheaper. Crabs are probably around $2.99/lb wholesale.

                  May Flower in Chinatown has (had?--might be $12.99 now) their "House Special Lobster" and it was $9.99. Very popular dish-prepared with garlic and chili. The owner told me they were 1 pound culls and they barely made anything on the dish.

                  If you go for a lobster dinner at an American seafood restaurant you're going to pay around $25-$30 for the same one pound Maine lobster or pay "market price" for a bigger lobster.

                  1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                    Im pretty picky when it comes to seafood, esp lobsters n crab. the ones here are JR bistro are definitely fresh! fresh lobster meat just has THAT crisp texture .... im sure you all know what i mean :)

                2. Went there for lunch today and they have a lunch menu. Included a pretty good hot and sour soup and my entree was stir fried prime rib (I don't think it was prime rib) but for $5.25 it was good.