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Sep 11, 2007 11:31 PM

Best sushi in Las Vegas, price no object

I'm helping out a buddy who's hooking up with his expense-account-car-carrying brother in Vegas in a couple weeks. I've looked through past threads, but a lot of people are looking either for bargains or stuff away from the Strip.

I'm looking to throw away all the qualifiers: where's the best, most incredible, sushi in Las Vegas? The place you go when you know the world ends tomorrow. My friend doesn't care where it is, what the price is -- he just wants "sick" sushi as he put it.

Anyone out there who can him spend someone else's money?

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  1. Try Tao, at The Venetian. Your friend will be able to blow wads of cash in no time. Plus, it's super-trendy and packed to the gills with half naked ladies there. (both customers, and the ones working there!)

    Now, I can't vouch for how GOOD the food is, tho.

    Personally, as a local..Our sushi isn't as fresh as LA, so i'm never really one for getting it here.

    1. Okada (at Wynn Las Vegas) is my favorite sushi bar. The selection of sushi is varied and fresh, the chefs are good, and the atmosphere is excellent. For more details, see my review at .

      1. Either Okada at the Wynn or Nobu at the Hard Rock. Both have great sushi.


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          We've been to Nobu several times and went to Okada for the first time last month. As mentioned both are great.

          One thing I would definitely do if I was going to go food all out & money no object would be to make sure to sit at the sushi bar and do the omakase. Nobu has 2 versions (do the large). When at Okada, asked if they do the same thing & they said definitely.

          Our omakase experiences at the bar always outdid the times we've eaten at a table.

          If he does Okada, they do Kobe beef sushi (believe with truffle oil) that was incredible at $15 a piece. If I had money to burn, I'd definitely be going back for 2nds, 3rds, even 4ths, on those.

          1. re: ccl1111

            Thanks for the posts, everyone. The omakase would definitely suit them.

            I'm pretty sure they'd be up for hot, scantily clad women as well, but I suspect they'd take the better dining experience over trendy & hip.

            So the vibe I'm getting is that the best stuff in town is on the Strip? I've seen good reviews of Kaigenrou, near the Hard Rock -- is it in the same league?

            Maybe I should add that the point of the expedition is the quality of sushi, not necessarily paying exorbitant prices for it.

            1. re: jimverbose

              I have not done the off strip sushi places but Sushi Hana is supposed to be great. Is high on the list. Would have hit it last trip if they were open for lunch on Sunday's. Koto was another place people loved if you see mention of that but it is recently closed.

              1. re: ccl1111

                I'm a fan of Sushi Roku in the Shops at Caesar's. Sit at the sushi bar and talk to the sushi chefs, don't just take a table. You'll get excellent service.

                1. re: brendastarlet

                  i'd skip roku. it's fine, but it's part of a mini-chain based here in los angeles - if you end up at a multi-location place you're better off with nobu. but i suspect your best bet is okada at the wynn.

        2. I just ate at Social House in Treasure Island the other weekend. It was fantastic. Beautiful restaurant, unbelievably fresh sushi. I highly recommend it. Check out their website.

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          1. re: krisajohnson1

            giada just did a segment on 'social house' on her weekend getaway show in lv. seeing her make a total mess of her sushi [including dunking the entire rice side in soy sauce] and talk with her mouth full [as she always does] totally ruined the thought of that place for me!

              1. re: krisajohnson1

                amen to that! and so help me if i accidentally stumble upon sandra lee gleefully violating one more of my favorite ingredients or preparations by adding boxed cookie mix or canned 'cream of something' makes me want to yank the cloth off her 'tablescape' and tie her hands with it so she can't commit anymore culinary abominations.

          2. Nobu at Hard Rock, Sushi Roku at Caesars Palace, Okada, Shintaro.