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Best sushi in Las Vegas, price no object

I'm helping out a buddy who's hooking up with his expense-account-car-carrying brother in Vegas in a couple weeks. I've looked through past threads, but a lot of people are looking either for bargains or stuff away from the Strip.

I'm looking to throw away all the qualifiers: where's the best, most incredible, sushi in Las Vegas? The place you go when you know the world ends tomorrow. My friend doesn't care where it is, what the price is -- he just wants "sick" sushi as he put it.

Anyone out there who can him spend someone else's money?

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  1. Try Tao, at The Venetian. Your friend will be able to blow wads of cash in no time. Plus, it's super-trendy and packed to the gills with half naked ladies there. (both customers, and the ones working there!)

    Now, I can't vouch for how GOOD the food is, tho.

    Personally, as a local..Our sushi isn't as fresh as LA, so i'm never really one for getting it here.

    1. Okada (at Wynn Las Vegas) is my favorite sushi bar. The selection of sushi is varied and fresh, the chefs are good, and the atmosphere is excellent. For more details, see my review at http://home.comcast.net/~lasvegasvaca... .

      1. Either Okada at the Wynn or Nobu at the Hard Rock. Both have great sushi.


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          We've been to Nobu several times and went to Okada for the first time last month. As mentioned both are great.

          One thing I would definitely do if I was going to go food all out & money no object would be to make sure to sit at the sushi bar and do the omakase. Nobu has 2 versions (do the large). When at Okada, asked if they do the same thing & they said definitely.

          Our omakase experiences at the bar always outdid the times we've eaten at a table.

          If he does Okada, they do Kobe beef sushi (believe with truffle oil) that was incredible at $15 a piece. If I had money to burn, I'd definitely be going back for 2nds, 3rds, even 4ths, on those.

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            Thanks for the posts, everyone. The omakase would definitely suit them.

            I'm pretty sure they'd be up for hot, scantily clad women as well, but I suspect they'd take the better dining experience over trendy & hip.

            So the vibe I'm getting is that the best stuff in town is on the Strip? I've seen good reviews of Kaigenrou, near the Hard Rock -- is it in the same league?

            Maybe I should add that the point of the expedition is the quality of sushi, not necessarily paying exorbitant prices for it.

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              I have not done the off strip sushi places but Sushi Hana is supposed to be great. Is high on the list. Would have hit it last trip if they were open for lunch on Sunday's. Koto was another place people loved if you see mention of that but it is recently closed.

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                I'm a fan of Sushi Roku in the Shops at Caesar's. Sit at the sushi bar and talk to the sushi chefs, don't just take a table. You'll get excellent service.

                1. re: brendastarlet

                  i'd skip roku. it's fine, but it's part of a mini-chain based here in los angeles - if you end up at a multi-location place you're better off with nobu. but i suspect your best bet is okada at the wynn.

        2. I just ate at Social House in Treasure Island the other weekend. It was fantastic. Beautiful restaurant, unbelievably fresh sushi. I highly recommend it. Check out their website.

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            giada just did a segment on 'social house' on her weekend getaway show in lv. seeing her make a total mess of her sushi [including dunking the entire rice side in soy sauce] and talk with her mouth full [as she always does] totally ruined the thought of that place for me!

              1. re: krisajohnson1

                amen to that! and so help me if i accidentally stumble upon sandra lee gleefully violating one more of my favorite ingredients or preparations by adding boxed cookie mix or canned 'cream of something'...it makes me want to yank the cloth off her 'tablescape' and tie her hands with it so she can't commit anymore culinary abominations.

          2. Nobu at Hard Rock, Sushi Roku at Caesars Palace, Okada, Shintaro.

            1. If they have been to Nobu elsewhere, I would skip it. It is not NYC or London which are by far the best ones.

              Tao and Social House, no offense to anyone, SUCK for real sushi. I have been to both several times and have always regretted spending the money on mediocre fish. I have heard wonderful things about Okada but have yet to go. But all of my sushi loving foodie friends rave about it and the omakase.

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                No offense taken- I was merely stating trendy and over-the-top sushi places here in LV. I've never even eaten at Tao, I just happen to work nearby. The place is filled to the brim with Brittany Spears clones and to even THINK about waiting in line to get in makes me laugh. I pity those who don't have line-passes, honestly.

                I keep in mind one major thing when I order sushi: How far am I, from the ocean? Hey, I live in a DESERT. I think getting LA quality sushi's not going to really happen, but some restos do fly in fish to get the freshest they can get.*shrugs* To each their own.

                I do stand by my recomendation of Sushi Kaizen, in another post on LV sushi. Across the street from the Hard Rock. Funky, and with a really young crowd, they have unique takes on sushi, and the rest of the menu is good, as well. Dragonfly is great, but more of a locals place, IMHO. Not sure if that's the angle OP was looking for.

                1. re: Honeychan

                  Thanks, Honeychan. These guys don't care if it's local or glitz -- they just want the best sushi they can get, period (these are guys who laugh at Britney clones, too. Okay, there may be an ogle or two among a chuckles, but -- hey, they ARE guys, after all...)

                  All in all, though, it does sound like the omakase at Okada would suit them pretty well.

                  Thanks again for all the posts, everyone.

                  1. re: jimverbose

                    Tao is not the best sushi in Vegas or anywhere. It is a trendy club. Mediocre sushi and terrible sake list. Shintaro is my personal favorite, and I've eaten everywhere good on the Strip except Okada. Shintaro by far the best.

                2. re: stuckinlv

                  None taken at all. To each his own, right?

                  1. re: stuckinlv

                    I have only been to Okada once (recently) and really enjoyed it. We have been to Nobu in LV multiple times though and always enjoyed it. I've had better Nobu LV omakase than Nobu NYC omakase though so I definitely wouldn't write off Nobu LV.

                  2. I've eaten at nearly every sushi restaurant in Vegas (strip and local) and please oh please stay away from Tao. The food is terrible, but it is a great spot for "eye candy" and pre-party fun.

                    My rec's for blowing the wad.......do omakase at Okada at the Wynn, Shibuya at MGM (do not leave without ordering the kobe steak and the tartare apps), sit at the sushi bar at Sushi Roku and tell Hiro to take care of you (last time I walked out with a $400/pp bill, but it was amazing), or hit up omakase at Nobu. Just my opinion :0)

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                    1. re: ciaobelly

                      Our bill was only $250, but it was worth every penny.

                      But it sounds to me like Okada is going to fit the bill for these folks.

                      (If Roku is part of a chain, then what is Nobu? There are 19 Nobus around the world, at least according to his web site.)

                    2. Osaka on W. Sahara wins hands down. Been back there year after year, always fresh and exotic. I'm into sashimi, not the yuppie rolls. I recently had their live scallop and live shrimp, and they usually have chu or oso toro. Their decor is not that nice, but their fish is!

                      1. I just called to make a reservation at Shintaro at the Bellagio, and the woman told me that it's closing forever, and it's last day is December 2nd!!!

                        1. Get a car and go to I love sushi in Henderson. Not very fancy but the best I have had in town.

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                            I had an opportunity to try I Love Sushi in Henderson last evening after a very long work day. . I was working in the vicinity and was craving something light....I referred to my Handy Dandy GPS....entered Sushi, asked for the Zagat rating and review and my car took me to I Love Sushi! Located in a very unassuming stip mall behind an Albertson's on Eastern Ave, in Henderson.

                            When I walked in I couldn't believe how busy they were on a Monday evening. There was a wait for a table....though a few bar seats were still available. Being a solo diner the sushi bar was perfect.

                            I was greeted immediately...given a bowl of complimentary edamame and a cucumber salad. I ordered a Kirin light and perused the menu and what the other patrons were eating.
                            Frankie was preparing my sushi...he was great!

                            I ordered a Cherry Blossom roll which was a soft shell crab rolled inside an avocado...no rice. The presentation was spectacular...it looked like an unopened flower and it was surrounded by eel sauce...this was so yummy. I had an order of yellowtail sashami w/ jalapeno...again the presentation was beautiful...the yellow tail was fanned out on the plate w/ the jalapeno's decoratively place on top....this is one of the few time I wish I had my camera.
                            I also ordered a Gary's special which was a roll of assorted fresh fish, raw scallop and spicy tuna...in a spicy ponzu sauce...again fresh and wonderful!
                            I Love Sushi offers so many different specialty rolls....with spectacular presentations.......
                            The freshness of the fish is what really stood out......and the reasonable prices. ($40 with tip and 2 Kirin Lights)

                            I am now adding I Love Sushi to my list of regulars (off strip) when I am in town on business. It is well worth the trip!

                            I Love Sushi
                            11041 S Eastern Ave, Henderson, NV

                          2. Hi. This is my first post here, so sorry if I'm breaking any etiquette rules.

                            Anyway, I was going to ask this very question, but I got a lot of answers in this thread so thank you.

                            I'm planning going to Nobu when I'm in Vegas in early April. I would like to sit at the sushi bar. I assume I'd need a reservation, but should I specify that I would like to sit at the sushi bar rather than at a table?

                            I should probably mention that I'll be there during the Final Four so I'm sure the entire town will be packed. Will I have any trouble getting in? Thanks.

                            1. I go to Vegas a lot. A LOT. And I love sushi. I probably eat 25 high end sushi dinners a year in Vegas. If you had asked me a year ago (and you did) I would have said Shintaro, no question (and I did). Sadly, Shintaro is now closed and I miss it so.

                              But I have rediscovered a place that I used to pan... Tao. It's good, real good. They really have upped their food game a lot. The sushi is almost as good as Shintaro used to be. The toro is divine ($15/piece). Great yellowtail, tuna, etc. And really fun and creative appetizers (try the fried tuna sushi with wasabi sauce). Too bad the service and the atmosphere still suck, if you are just looking for a nice dinner.

                              Yellowtail has replaced Shintaro at Bellagio but still has a lot of kinks to work out. It took Tao a few years to finally get the food right -- despite making a fortune in the club. Yellowtail is just an attempt to copy Tao (and all that $$$). Shibuya at MGM has really gone downhill. Good atmosphere and sake list but the sushi is really kind of lousy now. Japonais at Mirage sucks (but the pan-Asian is good). Nobu is still Nobu -- they bring their A game but it's not as good as Tao or Okada. I do not gamble at Wynn so I haven't been to Okada all that much, but my limited experience was very positive. If I played there, I would eat there as much as Tao (because it would be comped).

                              I hope Yellowtail improves its food quality eventually. For now I am sticking with Tao, despite the noise and club atmosphere.

                              1. imho okada, nobu and sen....but if i chose one it would be sen...however you might prefer nobu given its location at hard rock. Sen is my fav though. it is off the strip about 10 mins west. the hot food chef is frrom nobu and the sushi chef is from shintaro. the quality of the fish is the best in the city(as is nobu). located in a strip mall though. nobu is always good, and may be preferable for the nightlife after dinner. i know price is irrelevant but sen is a little cheaper 100-150 w/ sake whereas nobu is 150+.

                                id skip tao, social house, etc.


                                1. I Recently went to Koi at Planet Hollywood and really liked it. But for a truly Money no object, high end experience, you would have to try Bar Charlie at the Palazzo. It is the Omakase Sushi Bar inside Restaurant Charlie. It is absolutely amazing!

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                                  1. re: foodgimp

                                    foodgimp...I am on the same page. I too recently tried Koi and loved it....
                                    I have also recently tried Bar Charlei and it was beyond anything I have ever experieced. We did a 15 course Omakase...it was over the top!
                                    2 weeks ago I had the opportunity to try Sushi Samba @ The Palazzo.....it was amazing!
                                    It definitely on my list for a re-visit!

                                    1. re: ciaogal

                                      Sushi Samba has some interesting dishes but overall the sushi was just so-so. I am intrigued by the Bar Charlie suggestion and will try it soon.

                                  2. I tried the new Yellowtail at Bellagio last week and was very, very disappointed. I cannot believe they allowed this crap food to replace Shintaro, which was the best sushi restaurant in Vegas (and had a super-cool jellyfish tank). Yellowtail just plain sucked. I did hit Tao, also, and it (still) has improved substantially and might now be the best sushi restaurant in Vegas. I have not yet tried Charlie though -- didn't feel like getting dressed up.

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                                    1. re: masonuc

                                      Bar Charlie = $250/pp for the 14-course Kaiseki (sp?), food only. It's not sushi. There were some sashimi components. It is incredible, unbelievable. I'll do a full post including pics, in the next day or two. But there are other posts here so you can get a sense of their food.

                                      1. re: Debbie W

                                        Sounds like you had a really great time Debbie, can't wait to hear about it! :)


                                    2. I've now done all of the high end sushi restaurants on the Strip a number of times, on a comped budget, and this is my ranking, with some notes:

                                      1) Tao. It really is the best. Amazing, amazing menu with some incredible finds.

                                      2) Okada. If you just want straight pieces of fish, it is the best in Vegas. The yellowtail is unreal. Great, fresh fish but menu otherwise uninteresting.

                                      3) Shibuya. Solid all around. No major complaints.

                                      4) Hyakumi. Ditto.

                                      5) Yellowtail. Has improved markedly and there are some real finds on the menu. Overall a disappointment still, as Shintaro was as good (probably better) than Tao and Okada. I think Yellowtail might move up this list in a few years though if I redo this ranking (I hope, at least). It has improved 50% in the last year.

                                      6) RM Seafood (sushi bar). Decent but nothing special. Take themselves way too seriously for what is pretty mediocre sushi, and the sake list is very weak.

                                      Sushi Samba (Venetian) is also very good and will leave anyone satisfied. Japonais (Mirage) is not good. They have great Asian food/fusion but the sushi is mediocre. Another real find is the Grand Wok at MGM which is in the casino. Best inside-casino sushi in the US.

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                                      1. re: masonuc

                                        I haven't been to all the places you list above, but my last experience at Sushi Samba flat out sucked. The fish was mediocre at best, the cuts very pedestrian, and even for sushi, the food was tiny and flavorless. The sushi bar itself is not set up well. I know it is overpriced, but I've always had outstanding sushi at Nobu. The atmosphere and service are usually excellent as well.

                                        1. re: danieli10

                                          I forgot about Nobu. Nobu is quite good, I'd put them at either #3 or #4 on my list (similar to Shibuya). The menu is surprisingly unexciting, and the sake list is terrible, but the sushi is fantastic and fresh.

                                          May have used the wrong words for my review of Sushi Samba. It is decent and satisfying. Solid sushi IMO, but nowhere near the quality of any other places on this list, even RM. The only reason I have ever been there is they are open real, real late -- which is fantastic when you are flying in on a late flight from the East Coast and need a 1 AM sushi fix.

                                          1. re: masonuc

                                            Totally understand. So, next time I'm in town - where should I go to get my sushi fix instead of Nobu? I've actually been to Tao and the food was pretty good, but we didn't do any sushi. We had a pretty big group and everything was done well with excellent sake.

                                            1. re: danieli10

                                              I think with a big group I would definitely go Tao. They have a lot of small plates that are fantastic and great to share. Try the tuna eggroll or the ahi tuna on crispy rice. And the traditional sushi is excellent. With just a couple, it depends on what you like. For straight sushi, go to Okada. Had yellowtail there just a few weeks ago that knocked my socks off. You can't go wrong with either place. I think they are significantly better than any other sushi place on the Strip. But I've eaten at Shibuya about 10 times and never really complained. And Yellowtail has improved a lot and has a lot of interesting small plates too.

                                              1. re: danieli10

                                                May I ask the question, where are you from? And the only reason I ask is that if you are from a city w/great sushi (I live in CT but work in NYC) you might find yourself unimpressed (I have never been really impressed w/any sushi in Las Vegas). I have been to Nobu, Sushi Roku, Okada (most disappointing), old place in Bellagio (not Yellow Tail but what preceded it), Shibuya, and Japonais (the best, at least the night we visited). There are more in town yes, but from a comparative standpoint, I have found none of these to even approach the quality of a place like Gari in NYC. And given how expensive all of these places are (not that Gari isn't) it just is not worth the $ for the lack of quality, IMHO. FWIW, our dinner at Japonais was outstanding and I would return there again if pressed.

                                                1. re: LVI

                                                  Ok, so if you are a jaded New Yorker going to Vegas, where would you eat sushi..and anything else?

                                                  1. re: sockster

                                                    Jaded, probably...But I love my food whether it be a hot dog or white truffles! Where would I go? Well I get a lot of heat for criticizing the sushi and steak places in Vegas because of where I compare them to. And it doesn't mean I don't like the places...I like Japonais, I like Nobu...I Like the Steak House at Circus Circus, I like Prime. I just enjoy places in NYC better (i.e. Wolfgang's, Lugar's, Gari, Yasuda...you get the point). When I am in Vegas I LOVE going to Lotus of Siam for Thai, I love going to Raku for eclectic Japanese, I love eating on the patio at Picasso for very good food but surreal surroundings, I love the Verandah at the Four Seasons for exceptional breakfasts. I will try and go to restaurants that are unique to Las Vegas and offer great food. One of my least favorite places to go is Rosemary's. Now it is the crown jewel and darling of many o CH'ers so I will take heat for that statement. But to me, a $40-50 cab ride for very good food that far off the strip is not my idea of "unique" Vegas. Is the food bad...NO, not by ANY means (it in some instances is excellent), but for the time and effort it takes to eat there I just do not find it appealing. What's unique about it? I go to Vegas to experience Vegas, whether it be the shows, poker tournaments or the food.

                                                    1. re: LVI

                                                      White truffles, now you're talking!! Actually Rosemary's on Sunday nights is awesome...the wine list is 1/2 price. Love Lotus of Siam..they make a deep fried lobster, to die and go to heaven for! In NY, Yasuda is my fav., but in Vegas, nothing really compares for the price. Where else in LV is LOCAL with great food?

                                                  2. re: LVI

                                                    I don't live in NYC but I live on the east coast with decent sushi, and I have had high end NYC sushi. It is a different experience, I agree the top NYC places are better than anything in Vegas. That said, I don't know how on earth anybody could like Japonais better than Okada. Japonais is some of the worst sushi I have had in Vegas. I think Japonais is a fine restaurant with a good menu and the cooked Asian foods are often excellent. But the sushi doesn't compare to Okada -- different league. It is very mediocre sushi at best.

                                                    1. re: masonuc

                                                      Funny you post this as my friend who lives in Vegas just went the other night to Okada ($750 for 5 people) and said he had a great meal. And I have read other very glowing reviews about Okada. I will not doubt anybody's experience there. Especially when so many people rave about it. I simply stated that Okada was the most disappointing and that Japonais was the best "THE NIGHT WE VISITED". My point was not to compared Japonais to Okada. And to be fair, we went to Okada on a Sunday night in March and the place was dead. But that shouldn't affect the quality of food and should never be an excuse. My point is that I find the sushi to pale in comparison to places like NYC.

                                                      1. re: masonuc

                                                        I was at Okada and thought it was quite good, though it was more than a year ago. Can anyone else share recent experience at Okada to see if this is a matter of a decline or just one outlying opinion / bad experience?

                                                  3. re: masonuc

                                                    Sen of Japan is open until 2:00 a.m. 6 days a week (and until midnight on Sunday).

                                                    1. re: Dave Feldman

                                                      Dave, how do you compare the quality of Sen to other "Strip sushi" restaurants?

                                                      1. re: LVI

                                                        I know this was directed at Dave, but if I may...Sen has the one of the same fish accounts that Nobu has, and Shintaro had (Hiro was head @ Nobu, and Shin was @ Shintaro). The only difference that comes to mind is that Sen does not carry A5 beef. Per Hiro, there is not the demand given the suburban locale.

                                                        1. re: palmdoc1

                                                          TYVM, that is good information.

                                                        2. re: LVI

                                                          Actually, Nobu is the only one of the Strip places we're discussing that I have been to (and Nobu isn't really on the Strip, for that matter). My feeling is that the sushi at Sen is as good as Nobu, but I'm not sure I liked the specialty sushi cooked dishes there as Nobu on a good night.

                                                          Of the places I've gone to in NY, Yasuda is my fave; Sen is perhaps one step down from Sushi of Gari, which isn't a particular fave, but Sen is enjoyable because it is laid-back, the service is wonderful, and one can eat high-quality, unsauced sushi at a very reasonable price. I'll add, too, that I went to Sen only once with someone familiar with the restaurant, and maybe we ordered wrong.

                                                          1. re: Dave Feldman

                                                            Personally I am a HUGE Gari fan and found Yasuda to be a tad minimalistic, which, one can argue, is one of its strengths. And I am encouraged that you say Sen is a step below Gari and I will now have to try and make it there in 4 weeks. Thanks for the feedback.

                                                            1. re: LVI

                                                              Actually stopped into Sen (via a the Zagat rating). Very mellow. Ordered Omakase. One the chef saw and heard I knew my sushi, everything changed and it was quite good. Very authentic, but NOT and I repeat, NOT Yasuda by any means. They do have an excellent (and not cheap) sake menu.

                                                              1. re: LVI

                                                                Be forewarned that I'm a Yasuda over Gari fan, so I might not be the right person to judge the relative merits from your pov. Sen has more cooked food than Gari, and most of the special rolls we tried were a little more conservative than the Gari equivalents.

                                                                1. re: Dave Feldman

                                                                  Dave, so if you had to have one blowuut sushi meal in vegas, which would you choose??? THANKS

                                                                  1. re: sockster

                                                                    Sorry for the late reply, especially because I don't have a good answer for you. I've never done serious sushi in Las Vegas.

                                                  4. I recently posted the following review of Sushi Roku:


                                                    In it I also briefly discuss Nobu and Okada. The upshot: You can have an amazing meal at any of them..... or a very disappointing one. I make a few suggestions regarding what has worked for me in getting the best out of ANY quality sushi restaurant.

                                                    6 Replies
                                                    1. re: Tohono Rat

                                                      Those are good suggestions and are true of any sushi bar. Having said that, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. The reality I've usually found is that - more than almost any other restaurant experience - a sushi bar is about establishing a relationship with the itamae, something which is very difficult to do on a "first date". When you're an infrequent visitor to another town, this is often even more difficult to accomplish.

                                                      1. re: Frodnesor

                                                        Shibuya at the MGM is the best sushi I've had in Vegas. Nobu is 2nd best. I eat at Nobu on and off in NYC, but there are better than Nobu here. However, if you go to Nobu the jalapeno hamachi, and the "new Sashimi" are the two best sashimi dishes.. the omikase is probably a good way to go there. THe King Crab tempura is very good and a huge portion. Shibuya , I was impressed with everything and its a really nice looking place. Sushi Roku is not good, and I enjoy Sushi Roku in Santa Monica, Ca. The other poater was right about , don't go to Tao for sushi,, Tao is good for dirinks.

                                                        1. re: foodwhisperer

                                                          I am from Miami and we have a Nobu here (and I've heard some actually say it's the best of the breed). I've had some good meals there but I don't see sushi as their strong suit, the cooked items are what make it special (and notwithstanding that, I was disappointed in my last omakase experience there). Part of my feelings on their sushi may be due to the fact that the Miami location, oddly, does not have a sushi bar.

                                                          I have been to Tao for drinks and no, I wouldn't go for sushi.

                                                          1. re: foodwhisperer

                                                            I agree with Frodnesor. Nobu (both in Miami and Las Vegas) has better cooked items than sushi. A telling point is that I've seen several people recommend the omikase. I agree it's good. However, unless it's changed dramatically, the omikase includes few courses of sushi or sashimi.

                                                            (Frodnesor, I like the Miami branch more than the Las Vegas branch, despite Miami Nobu's attempt to hide itself so well you need a GPS to find it!)

                                                            1. re: Larry

                                                              I've had the omakase at the Miami Nobu a few times. There is usually at least one sashimi-ish course early in the dinner, and a sushi course later.

                                                            2. re: foodwhisperer

                                                              If you can deal with the noise/wait/etc., Tao has some amazing sushi. Stick to the basics, the small plates, and the rolls. Best menu by far. The basics (tuna/yellowtail/shrimp/toro/etc.) are as good as any place in Vegas, save Okada. The small plates and rolls are much better than anyplace in Vegas. Honestly some of the sushi small plates there are as good as any sushi dishes, anywhere. Tao has fantastic sushi that is lost in all the club press. I would not venture off script to the less popular sushi (scallops, jackfish, etc.).

                                                        2. ok trying Bar Charlie tomorrow night...report to follow....should be amazing

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                                                          1. re: sockster

                                                            I just came back from Vegas and we ate at Restaurant Charlie which was wonderful. We were so disappointed that we didn't have time to eat at Bar Charlie but we asked to see the room and menus after our dinner. How was it?

                                                            1. re: sfslinky

                                                              Sushi Samba at Pallazzo. Cannot be beat. Omikase offered. Sushi with a Peruvian Brazilian spin...