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Sep 11, 2007 10:20 PM

Chipotle - good food, poor service

My experience with this restuarant chain is the service lacks any one with a smile or patience. The food is good, but the workers seem intent to ruin your mood. I have seen them treat others rudely in front of everyone as well as rush those who have questions about the food. When they first came out, they put a scare to the other restuarants like Panda Express and Rubios, but they have forgotten what a good business does.

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  1. I suppose the flip side to this is Moe's Southwest Grill, where I get good service, but the food is bland. Although the ideal is good food AND service, I'll still take good food and bad service over the reverse.

    1. I've been to a number of different locations and never had a problem with rudeness. There can be a language barrier at the location I most frequent, but I doubt that is universal (and, as a native Texan, I speak enough Spanish to get along most places).

      In fact, I'd say my experience is very opposite from yours. Every Chipotle I've ever been in will make pretty much anything you want. They'll do two soft tacos (the regular order is three). They'll make my child a chicken and cheese quesadilla with a smile. Love Chipotle.

      1. I've had really good service there in the past. When I was a nanny, I would take the 10 and 12 year old there, and the employees asked them what they wanted, and let them order their own food, even though it took a little longer. The kids felt like big kids! For me, that level of patience is always impressive.

        1. With chains it's so dependent on the local manager.

          1. I was in one recently and there was a language barrier with the people on line it front of me. It was a mother and daughter who spoke little (and no Spanish). I was impressed with the person working the line who held up different items and tried to point thru to make sure they got exactly what they wanted. He never seemed to lose patience or just give them anything. I was impressed. There was a long line and this defiently slowed it up but in a case like that I don't mind waiting.

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              At my local Chipotle (Northern VA), the employees are very friendly. I've never had a complaint and I'm usually hypersensitive about bad service.

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                I too live in Northern VA and am a big Chipotle fan, but I think there's been a change in the chain's customer service. A couple of years ago I was at the Alexandria/Kingstown place and they had a horrible night--no chicken ready, filthy tables. I emailed the powers-that-be and very quickly received an apology from management and a subsequent apology from the local manager with an offer of a couple of free burritos. Recently I was at a Chipotle in Arlington and again emailed a complaint about the disgusting mess at the counter by the cash register as well as on the tables. At least a week later I received a very impersonal note sort of apologizing and that was that. I detect a different attitude, although I admit, I still love the food!