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Sep 11, 2007 07:28 PM

Seafood in Columbus?

My husband and I recently relocated from Jacksonville, Florida. We really like all the dining options that are available in Columbus. I have been craving seafood lately and I wasn't sure where to go. Any suggestions??? (Please no Cameron Mitchell restaurants.)

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  1. RJ Snapper's in the Short North is pretty reliable for fish. I would recommend sitting downstairs if you go - we chose upstairs last time and felt forgotten. The place is really pretty and the fish is always reliable, if not cheap. I have heard that the McCormick & Schmidt's chain place at Easton is good but I haven't been there myself. There are also a lot of good sushi places in Columbus because of our Japanese population from Honda - my favorites are Otani, Yoshi's, and Akai Hana. Thought I'd mention that after seeing your screen name!

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    1. re: Lauren in OH

      Thanks for the recommendation! I'm so glad that there are good Japanese restaurants here in Columbus. Jacksonville was full of the steakhouse type. My husband and I have been to Akai Hana and liked it. We will definitely try your other recommendations!

      1. re: sushigator

        For Japanese try Restaurant Hama at Easton - ambiance is on the white bright side but the food is excellent! At Easton McCormick & Schmick's is VERY good - it is a chain but they specialize in fish and seafood.

      2. re: Lauren in OH

        Sorry, big NO RECOMMEND on McCormick & Schmick's. Took daughters there for lunch in August and my shrimp salad was just plain awful. Daughter #1 had salmon, which was all dried out and Daughter #2 had crab cakes, which tasted more like bread crumb filler and contained very little crab.

        1. re: Diane in Bexley

          That's too bad! I generally had a good experience there. Been to McC & S in CA and WA, too.

          1. re: Diane in Bexley

            I concur.

            M&S is t-e-r-r-i-b-l-e!!!! Don't know about non-Columbus locations, but the one at Easton Town Center was BAD!

          1. I'll second Yoshi's - I haven't been there for dinner, but had a great mackerel lunch there the other day. Also, G. Michael's in German Village is great - the chef there is probably the only one in Columbus who uses the Honolulu fish company, and has fresh fish fedex'd on a daily basis. He trained in Charleston, so he really understands fish; I think he's underrated in the fish dept, so I thought I'd give him a plug.

            As far as purchasing fresh seafood for cooking yourself, I really like Tensuke Japanese Mkt, which is at the corner of Old Henderson & Kenny road (very close to Akai Hana.). And don't worry, I know why no CM restaurants. If their chefs actually knew how to use SALT, then maybe I would actually recommend eating seafood at one of their restaurants, but they seem to be lacking in that most basic of skills.

            If you are familiar with traditional Japanese cuisine (not sushi or steakhouse), let me know (through profile).