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Sep 11, 2007 07:20 PM

Red sauce Italian in NYC?


I am looking for a good red sauce Italian restaurant in NYC. I have gotten many different recommendations, but what are some of the really good, red sauce southern italian restaurants in Manhattan?

What do you think of Patsy's?

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  1. La Fenice at 68th & Broadway

    1. Il Cortile in Little Italy. Red sauce menu and high quality. Best in Little Italy and one of the best in NYC.

      1. You should check out Villa mosconi on McDougall north of Houston. It is traditional but in a good way. The service is great and the food is great!

        1. I think pasty's is rather bad with the exception of the pizza.

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            I think the poster means the Frank Sinatra fave, Patsy's on West 56th Street, not the chain of pizza parlors.

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              Ahhh.. I have not been there.. My favorite Red Sauce Italian however with a bit more of an Old School Menu Including Offal is Gino right next to Bloomingdales.

          2. You should check the Outer Boroughs board because some of the best are in Brooklyn and the Bronx. For example, there are several on Graham Ave that are less than ten minutes by subway from Union Square. One place:

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              Cono and Sons wasn't very good when I tried it. In general I have found the "superiority of Outerborough Italian" (and even the "lack of good Italian in Little Italy") to be a myth.