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Sep 11, 2007 06:20 PM

Where to get cognac in Ann Arbor?

I'd like to get some nice cognac for someone as a gift (approx $100-$200 price range). Any idea where I can go in the Ann Arbor area that would have a knowledgeable staff to guide me? Also, any recommendations about particular cognacs would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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  1. I'd try talking with Dick Scheer or one of the wine staff at Village Corner (at the corner of South University and Forest). Dick is extremely knowledgable about all things wine, including cognac.

    1. Yes, VC is a good choice. The Store Formerly Known As Big Ten Party Store had some top-shelf cognacs when I was last there. A & L (?) Wine Castle on Stadium has some top-shelf cognacs too.

      1. The former Big Ten Party Store on Packard is now called Morgan and York.
        I haven't been to M&Y, but I expect their selection would be good. I used to go to Big Ten often to buy wine and have never been disappointed.

        Re. the cognac - I can recommend Remy Martin XO Special, which is approx. $100 for a litre, duty free. Retail would be quite a bit higher but should be within your budget. I still have a few drops left in a bottle I've thoroughly enjoyed drinking. Real smooth, great bouquet. Plus the bottle looks very presentable.