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Sep 11, 2007 06:03 PM

Pizza Stone question

Can you tell me if you lay your dough on the stone raw, with your sauce/unsauce and toppings and cook altogether, or do you parcook your dough first?

I am thinking that parcooking is NOT the way to go? Am I correct?

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  1. Hi...I preheat my oven at the highest temp (550) for a good hour. Then I use a peel on which I've sprinkled corn meal (works for me, though a lot of people use flour) to quickly build my pizza with sauce and toppings. Then I slide the pie onto the well heated stone. Hope this helps.

    1. I follow a similar method to pfarrell. I preheat at highest temp (yup, 550); but I only preheat for about 20 minutes or so. I put my dough on a peel and I too find that cornmeal works the best for sliding it off. I slide it directly onto the hot stone. I think there was a previous thread on this board in which some posters said they also used parchment paper between the dough and the stone.

      1. Just as pfarrell says. The idea of the hot porous stone is to suck moisture from the crust. If you put anything between the two, it will not have this effect. 550 for an hour especially if you are making multiple pies. You need to store as much heat in your oven as you can. And be fast with opening the door, don't let too much heat escape. If I could override my self cleaning lock and get the thing up to 800 I would.

        1. agree with the others, but i use my weber genesis bbq where i can get the temperature up to 650+.