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Sep 11, 2007 06:01 PM

Mexican Wine.........

I had some outstanding Mexican wine at One and Only Palmilla last month in San Jose Del Cabo. It's Grand Reserva Casa Grande..........I can't locate any in the U. S. Any ideas. Thanks...........

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  1. Perhaps you mean the Cabernet from Casa Madero in the Parras valley?

    You could always email or phone the restaurant. That'd clear things up fast.
    Did you dine at the "C" [Charlie Trotter] restaurant or Agua?

    1. "Grand Reserva Casa Grande"
      Great Reserve of the Big House???

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      1. re: zin1953

        It's the jailbirds' top swill.

        Seriously, I think Casa Grande is a vineyard designation.

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          Sounds like something Randall Grahm would love! Bonny Doon already had a Big House Red from the vineyards near the Soledad Prison - why not a "Grand Reserve Big House Red"?

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            More info on Casa Madera @ http://www.madero.com.mx/pages/princi...

            Maria is correct... its a vineyard designation... referring to the terroir surrounding the main home & the property. There are also vineyards around a smaller building... presumably housing for the Hacienda's employees or perhaps a concubine (Casa Chica usually would refer to this).... I believe now a days its an orphanage.

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              Eat Nopal, deep in the recesses of my memory I recall your talking about the history of Casa Madero. Couldn't remember where or how...Then I found your post..nice job...

          2. While we're on the subject...

            Mexican Petit Syrah? Anyone?

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              I've only had one . . . that was in Mexico, and it wasn't very good. Then again, the storage conditions in rural Mexico aren't the best, so . . . .

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                I attended a Guadalupe Valley tasting this spring with about 20 producers. I was quite surprised at how tasty the L.A. Cetto PS was.

                1. re: maria lorraine

                  That was what I had . . . it tasted, to my palate, more like Central Valley fruitthan, say Central Coast . . .

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                    I thought the L.A. Cetto PS was a good effort. It's not a stellar PS but for $9 or so, might be a good value for some.

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                      FWIW... as Vin Ordinaire... i think the Domecq & Cetto stuff is fine if you are at Sanborn's or some neighborhood Barbacoa place and that is what they have by the glass. However, in general Mexican wines are NOT a good value at the low end.... and that is why Mexico is still dominated by Chilean & Spanish wines at the lower price points.

                      Where I think Mexican wines do well is a little more on the high end.... they can be a good value versus Napa & French wines.

            2. I have the idea that it is not available in the United States. Another idea would be to forget about it until you are back where you had it.

              There are so many wonderful wines, IMO it is not worth the expenditure of any time to find one that you had in some foreign location on a special occasion. Truth is, often that same wine tastes very different when you are not in a fine beachfront restaurant under the tropical sun.

              1. Casa Madero Gran Reserva Casa Grande appears to be available in Texas:


                I had some great wines at Laja in the Guadalupe Valley, but the chef said that the best ones are available only at the winery, a few restaurants nearby, and in Mexico City.