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Sep 11, 2007 05:41 PM

Wolfgang's or Sparks..........

I'm from Mississippi and we get great steaks here but I'm traveling to your great city in December with 9 other Mississippians that want to go to a great steakhouse. At first we thought about Peter Luger's but their menu is not diversified and their wine list is not superb. Now I'm thinking more about Wolfgang's or Sparks. I've been to Sparks twice but my friends have not. Which one would you suggest for 5 couples that love ambiance, great service, a beautiful room, close to 5th and 59th.............thanks.

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  1. I would go with Wolfgangs. I found Sparks to be a very stuffy and have a 50 year old stock broker feel. I love the porterhouse for 2 at Wolfgangs

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      I'm a 58 year old stockbroker and would prefer Spark's, but it can be crowded and noisy and not much ambiance....You will also get a great steak at Wolfgang's. If you are a big red wine fan, go with Spark's

    2. Sparks is a more classic NYC experience. The consistently best Strip in NY IMO. Filet is good as well Also, great wine at semi reasonable prices. Wolfgangs is basically a porterhouse place, although they have the other cuts, ala PL and they are becoming increasingly generic. Both are good but I'd go with Sparks If I had one night. Enjoy!

      1. Sparks. Wolfgang's never had a mob boss rubbed out on the front steps.

        1. Strong vote here for Wolfgangs over Sparks (steak over history).

          1. two very different places, really. Wolfgang's for the Porterhouse and the "Luger experience"; Sparks for the strip and the mob history. I, personally don't like Sparks, but I am a ribeye guy. Being from MS as well, I would rather be at Doe's or Char (before they sold out), but given the choice, Wolfgang's. There are much better choices in the city IMO. Del Frisco's, Strip House, BLT Prime. The best steak I have had in NY is the bone-in ribeye with light cajun seasoning at DF's (ordered off the menu), best crabcake in the city, great diagonal views of Radio City. I always remember which city I'm in when i eat there! Careful with the wine selection, though, its WAY overpriced. Given your criteria, I would be surpised if DF's isn't perfect and in December....great spot!