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Sep 11, 2007 05:00 PM

Lost Recipe from the 80s

I have a fuzzy memory of a recipe—which I think was in an article in Bon Appetite magazine in the 1980s—called Andrew's brisket. I cannot find it on Epicurious or by Googling. The briket was browned and placed inside a tight foil package on a deep bed of sauted onions. A package of onion soup mix MIGHT have been involved—after all, it was the 80s. I don't think any liquid was added, making it different from a traditional braised brisket. I made it back then and it came out really great. Does anyone have the recipe?

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  1. You may want to try joining epicurious (free), and signing onto one of the forums to inquire if anyone has the recipe. I did this about a year ago for a lost Bon Apetit recipe, and someone actually had the old magazine and posted the recipe. Epicurious does not keep every single Bon Apetit or Gourmet magazine, unfortunately. But the people on the forums are very friendly and helpful. Maybe you'll get lucky and someone will know the recipe.

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      Thanks for the tip. I think I am a member, but I haven't tried any of the forums.



      His site is terrific, and he responds to all e-mail requests. He has huge archives you might want to search.

      It is one of my absolute favorite recipe sites :

        1. Always avoid any recipe containing the words "package" = preservatives, "dehydrated" = processed, or "soup" = mega salt. Oh, and anything calling for a "flavor packet". ;-)

          1. That's actually a decent brisket recipe. It doesn't taste salty or anything, and it may be high in sodium, but no one is eating the entire recipe!

            Can't remember how large a piece of brisket it calls for, but I use what ever I find at the store, usually between 3 & 4 lbs.

            Slice two large onions (don't cook them first.) and place in a large piece of heavy duty alum foil that is large enough to hold the brisket and fold down over the top to seal tightly. Put the brisket with the fat side on top of onions. Add both packets of lipton's onion soup mix on the top of the meat. Seal the foil over the meat and place the whole package on a shallow roasting pan. Place in a preheated oven at 300*. Let braise for 5 hours. Take out of oven after 5 hours, and let rest for another hour, but do not unwrap until resting period is over. It comes out delicious and tender every time.